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Friday, February 4, 2011

Off Topic: Where's my sample from May?

This list is now complete. I have received all but three of what is listed on this list. This will not be updated anymore unless the three that I have decided to give up on do show up. I will not be attempting to contact them anymore.

February 4: I got a full size product of Miracle Skin Transformation SPF 20 (1.7 fl oz) in the shade of colorless.

January 21st: My sample of Bellissima Mineral Makeup came. I got 6 (was suppose to be 5) sample size ziploc backs of Bellissima Trucco Minerale mineral foundation in Light and Medium, mineral veil Matte, mineral concealer Universal Shade, mineral blush Baja Sunset, mineral Bronzer Puerto Rican Rum.

December 3rd: Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District informational material (Metro Area Trails Map and After the Storm - A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater) and Prairie Coneflowers seeds packet came today. If you want to request this go to this post.

November 29th: O.B came today. It's a blue travel case with three tampons in it. It also came with a money saving coupon. Here is the post where I wrote about them.

November 12: Become came today. This came with a letter and two brochures. The samples are: Become Age Resistant products of Foaming Cleanser, Spay Toner, Hydration Serum, Day Cream, Eye Cream, and Face Smoothing Gel (all 3 g, or 3 mL). These products are similar to Mary Kay or Avon products in how you buy them.

The Nivea Touch of Happiness sample came September 28th. The sample is a 0.4 Fl. Oz. size and it's not a bottle or packet. I'd say it was a sample/packet in how it looks. This also came with a $1 off Nivea Body Wash for Women and a thank you postcard. I have highlighted this sample on the list. Honestly I really don't know if it came from the Ellen Degeneres show but I'm going to say it did just to remove it from my list. I have received a couple more of this sample since I posted this. In fact TWO came while I was on vacation in October (lotion and bodywash) plus $1 off coupons for each. I would say writing to the company was worth it on this offer.

As for the other samples on this list, I have decided to not contact them anymore and count them as a loss. If they do come however, I'll update this post to let you know as some samples can take forever even with asking about them.

I did a post titled "Did your Sample not come yet?" last week and wanted to show you the samples hat I ordered back in May (or April) that have STILL not came. Here is this list:

1. OB Tampons Requested again on website Aug 27. These came Nov 29. A blue case with three tampons and a money saving coupon. I have removed this from my list.

2. Hussana Body Care After many attempts I have decided that this is just a scam. I have also read reports that others have signed up for this sample and never got it. I have decided to give up on it and remove it from my list.

3. Ovulation and pregnancy tests 1/2 Sent out an email Jul 30, Aug 16, and Aug 27. Oct 2. This will be my final try. They did fulfill half the order. I am saying that I got this even though I didn't get the full request. At least I got something from it. Here is where I give my explaination to my satisfaction. It is number 10 on that list.

4. Bellissima's Mineral Makeup Sent out an email, they responded Aug 5. More time is needed, Decided to email them on gmail Jan 12. Resent my mailing info. Jan 21 I received it. 6 different sample shades in plastic ziplocs. I have removed this from my list..

5. Nivea Happy sensation body lotion or wash From Ellen Degeneres show. Sent out an email July 30, Aug 9, and Aug 27. Sent email on website this time. This sample came two more times while on vacation (Oct.)! This satisfies this offer and the June offer.

6. Marine Layer sunglasses cloth Sent out an email responded. Sent info again on Jul 23. Sent email Sept 4, Oct 2 to see how it was going. Sent a new email Nov. 5. My info the second time must of got lost. Now they want me to purchase a t-shirt. I have removed this from my list.

7. Galaxy Granola Sent an email Aug 27 asking about the sample program. Sent an email asking about the coupon and to verify if I'm still in the drawing Nov. 5. I wrote on the Facebook wall Jan 12. They didn't reply back at all. I have decided to give up on this offer as they only send out a few at a time each month so the chances of getting this is very low. I have remove this from my list.

8. Papio-Missouri River Wild flower seeds packet Sent out an email by gmail requesting them again. Aug 9. Sept 4 sent email to check status. Left a message on their Facebook wall Nov 5, Sent them an email again on gmail with mailing info. Sent another email as a check up Dec 18. Came Jan 3. Metro Area Trails Map, After the Storm brochure, and Prairie Coneflowers seed packet. I have removed this from my list.

9. Become Weekender sample kit Sent out an email July 30, Aug 27, Sept 11, Oct 3. This will be my final try. Well, they finally responded back. I gave them my mailing address and cell number since I rarely use it as it sounds like they will be contacting me. I didn't get contacted so I emailed them again Nov. 5. This came November 12th. It had samples a letter and some brochures. This satisfies this request. I have removed it from my list.

10. Miracle Skin Transformer Sent out an email from gmail Aug 9 Sent an email on their website Aug 27 Resent mailing info Aug 30. Reasked if they sent sample Nov 5, sent an email on their website Jan 12 and Jan 28. They replied back and I gave them my mailing address again. Instead of sending a sample they sent me a full size product. I have removed this from my list.

As you can see it has dates as to when I emailed them either from their contact page on their website or by actual email. Also I have noted if they contacted me back (most on this have not). Then if I had to recontact them again. I need to recontact again it looks like to see about my status. I'll update this list as I hear more information.

By the way, I also have a list for June that is longer but is dated as that was when I decided to start dating my offers. I have already contacted each one on that list one time so far. My list for July (the start of this blog) needs to start being contacted as well.

I just wanted to show you that not everything you request comes and that it takes work if you really want your free samples. So the end question is, "Was it really free in the first place?" However, most samples come as I have already notated that 53 have come and that's not counting the offers that have expired or just came (and were expired).

If you had success with any of these offers please let me know in the comments section. If you have not ordered these I would like to warn you that if you send requests to them you may not get your sample or it'll take a long time to get.

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