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Friday, October 22, 2010

Off Topic: Thank you

I would like to personally thank for linking my post titled Free Sample of Holistic Pet Food to their webpage. Ever since they did that I have been getting more views which makes me happy. I do not know this site nor did I ask them to do this. They did this generously on their own which I am very thankful for.

Unfortunately I don't want their viewers to come here and be disappointed since their site specializes in free stuff for Canadians and well, I'm not a Canadian. I'm an American who resides in the state of Washington. So that's why most of the selections are only for residents of
the United States of America. One reason that is is because each (or most all) of these offers I have personally signed up for and since I live in the USA it would make since I would sign up for offers that are sent to the United States and sometimes only for those residents.

Since I receive views from their site and it looks like about 10% of my viewers are Canadian I have decided to post if the offer is USA only or something else unless I can't tell. Hopefully this will make it less disappointing to click on the link and find out it's only valid in the USA and you can't sign up for it. I know how that feels to find out something you wanted was not available for you to sign up for to request.

If you haven't checked out now is a good time to check them out. Again, I'd like to thank for linking a post on their site for me. That was very kind of them to do. Thank you!

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