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Friday, December 17, 2010

Free Samples from Mario Badescu

Early this summer I signed up for a skin consultation on Mario Badescu's website. After I filled out my information they showed me what products of theirs they recommenced for my face. About a week afterwards I get an email from them and this is what it said, "Thank you for your interest in Mario Badescu! According to our records, you recently filled out our online skin care questionnaire. Based on the answers you provided, we've developed a full regimen tailored to fit your skin care needs. For your reference, we have listed your recommended products below. We are so confident about the results you will achieve that we would like to send you some free samples so that you can try our products before you decide to purchase them.

Please click here if you are interested in receiving product samples."

So I did this. Sadly my packet must of gotten lost in the mail because it never came. So I decided to email them in November. Later that month my product samples arrived. The above is a picture of my samples and here is a detailed description of them:*
Mario Badescu Skin Care Product Application Guide for (my name)
Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Aloe Lotion
Hyaluronic Eye Cream
Collagn Moisturizer SPF 15
Seaweed Night Cream
Strawberry Tonic Mask
Strawberry Face Scrub
Kiwi Face Scrub

If you'd like to have a free skin consultation and then possibly have them email you asking if you'd like to sample their products then click here.

*I didn't receive the same application guide and I didn't get a product catalog either like I have seen in two videos of how to get these samples.

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