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Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Pin From The American Kidney Fund

Today I received my free pin from the American Kidney Fund. The pin looks exactly like the one pictured to the left. The space between the two loops is filled in so it's smooth all over. It has a butterfly clutch fastener. I requested this on January 6th. This pin is still available to request. By the way, March is National Kidney Month.

Complete The Pair Up Challenge and then register (with password) to receive a cute pin from the American Kidney Fund. I think the pin is cute. It looks like a butterfly to me.

Go here to start the super easy quiz. Don't forget to read the interesting kidney facts along the way. After you complete the quiz, just register. Include your mailing address so they know where to send your free pin.

By the way, I was a pair of ballet flats. What were you?
Ballet Flats - Reflective and logical, you like to take your time and enjoy the simple things in life. Some may say you are a perfectionist, but being prepared and trying to do your best is never a bad thing! Don’t forget that just because you are self-reliant doesn’t mean that you can’t lean on others as you take steps toward better health.

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