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Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Samples From DHC Skincare

On April 10th without asking I received another set of DHC Skincare samples. The samples they sent were: Deep Cleansing Oil (0.1 fl oz),  Eye Bright (0.03 oz), Coenzyme Q10 Cream (0.02 oz), and Velvet Skin Coat (0.03 oz).  I did not request these they just came. It is probably because I'm on their mailing list still. This also comes with a catalog of their products. Currently it looks like they are charging if you request the catalog with samples. However if you call them it looks like you can request this with out the charge as stated at the top of the request form.

A very long time ago (about over 10 year ago) I requested free samples from DHC. I did receive those samples. When I moved to where I used to live now I was surprised to receive another catalog with samples included in it. I didn't think they would follow me as I never gave them my new mailing address. I thought well maybe my aunt signed me up but when I asked her it didn't sound like she had. When I moved to Juneau, I happened to receive another catalog with samples on it again. Again now sure why as I never gave them my new address. Anyway, this sample must love to follow me around. In fact I received these samples twice last year (January and October).

The four samples that I received were: Deep Cleansing Oil (0.1 fl oz), Concentrated Eye Cream, Extra Moisture Nighttime Moisture, and Velvet Skin Coat (0.03 oz). The picture to the left is what I received in October*.

If you have never purchased from DHC Skincare and would like to sample their products you can call them at 1-800-DHC-CARE (342-2273) to request your catalog with free samples of their best selling products, including Deep Cleansing Oil, Velvet Skin Coat and more. Limit one free catalog per order and two requests total per customer.  For more information you can go here to learn more about DHC Skincare.

*What I received in the picture above may not be what you receive. This picture just shows what may come and what I actually received from them.

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