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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Sample Pack From Always Discreet

They are currently out of samples but it looks like they may offer more at a later time.

On September 16th I received the Liner Sample Pack that I requested.  It came with the products listed below under the Liner Sample Pack.  This pack also came with a $2 off coupon.  I requested this on August 10th.  Currently it looks like the Underwear Sample Pack is all that is available to request.  

Here is a new product to me from Always for you to request.  It's called Always Discreet.  You'll even get to pick out the sample pack that you want to try out.  Which are:
1 Small/Medium and 1 Large Maximum Absorbency Underwear
1 Large and 1 Extra Large Maximum Absorbency Underwear
Liner and Pad Multi-Pack Sample Includes:
- 1 Very Light Long Length Liner
- 1 Moderate Regular Length Pad
- 1 Maximum Long Length Pad

Just go here and click where it says "Get Sample" to start your request for a free sample.  You can request a free sample every six months.

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