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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Points: Dial Rewards

After I originally posted this review on August 7th I have been entering three of the instant win games everyday for the max you are allowed to each day (20 times per instant win game).  I only entered the three that only costed me 10 points which offered the most amount of prizes as well (100 for the month).  Well, it took me about 20 days to finally win a prize!  I won the Dial For Men Ultimate Clean Pack.  I guess I got lucky and this rewards site isn't so bad after all.  

**Just wanted to let you know that these very nice bottles arrived on November 5th.  They look exactly like the ones picture below.  This was a very nice prize that came in a really nice blue reusable cardboard box.

Dial has a new program to reward it's loyal fans called Dial Rewards. It's a fun way to save money and earn points for chances to win cash and prizes every time you buy Dial products.  Plus get additional points for completing fun activities!

After you sign up (which is easy to do), you can start earning points.  In fact, I did everything I could do on the first day and easily made 7,050 points!  Most of those points were earned by watching short videos and taking short surveys.  Plus you get 50 points when you sign up and the first time you log in for the day.  After not logging in for a month, I can now take four more surveys for 1,000 points each and watch a video for 500 points.  You can even share the program with your friends for up to 6,000 points.  Another way to earn points is by entering codes from Dial products for 500 points each.  So, earning points is very simple to do.  The rewards on the other hand were a little disappointing to me after I had quickly signed up and learned exactly what they were.

The rewards are basically sweepstakes entrees.  Their frequently asked questions page states: "You can redeem your points towards entries into Sweepstakes draws or to play Games of Chance, which may include time-seeded instant win games and/or "select 3 of 9" probability games."  These sadly don't interest me that much.  However, the time-seeded instant win games may be interesting and what I'll probably spend my points on.  Right now there are four sweepstakes you can enter and four instant win games you can play.  It also looks like the sweepstakes and instant win games change each month.  So if you are interesting in trying to win a prize for that month enter as much as you can because that prize may not be around the next month.  Here are the Official Rules for those sweepstakes and instant win game.

If you'd like to sign up for Dial Rewards just go here and fill out the form.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Purex Insiders and was given the opportunity to sign up for Dial Rewards early.  I was not compensated for writing this post.  My opinions of this rewards program were not influenced in any way.  Your opinions of this rewards program may be different than mine.

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