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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kroger Family Stores Free Friday Download

I don't always have time to share about the Free Friday Download each Friday and if I do, it's usually too late.  So I've decided to share about it on Sundays (that is if I remember to).  The photos above represent the same Free Friday Download.  So why are they different?  Well, the one on the left is from Fred Meyer and the one on the right is from Kroger.  Usually they are the same for this week they will be different.  However, you can still request both.  At least I've been able to do as I have both apps on my phone using the same account.  So you should be able to do this as well!  

Below is the links to their digital coupons and the Freebie Friday.

Just go here and log in to your account and then load the coupon to your account.  By the way, I don't shop at Kroger but I do shop at Fred Meyer and I was able to load these onto my card using the Kroger website.  In case you want to know what is planned for this coming Friday, you can check it out here on Kroger's promotions page and here on Fred Meyer's promotions page.

This link here are coupons for Private Selection brand.  They currently do not have any coupons at this time.

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