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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Off Topic: Did your Sample not come yet?

This weekend is the Labor Day weekend. I tend to not find very many free offers on the weekends so I thought I'd write about what happens when you don't get a sample you requested. Now I've been requesting free stuff for a few years now. However, this year I decided to make a log of all the free offers I sign up for. Creating this blog also helps a lot because it takes me straight to their website instead of searching for it. At first my log was just the sample product I was getting and maybe the company name that was offering it. Then I realized I needed to know when I ordered the sample so that when the requested time frame to wait was up I'd know that it was time to contact the company and start asking if they ran out of samples or if my order was still being processed. This past month I started doing just that. I've been getting good replies on some and no so much on others.

As you can see I've been updating each offer if I find out it has expired, was shipped out, or I received it. I even remove them if they are expired and I already received it, didn't order it, or I'm informed that they ran out and I wasn't one of the lucky ones to receive one. Well, it's been two months since I've created this blog and you will soon see me updating the offers I hadn't received and the response I get from the company if any at all.

I've also decided to add on posts where the shipping delay is eight weeks or longer since I figure eight weeks is a good amount of time to wait for the offer. Reason I'm doing this is because a couple offers I had asked about sent me the offer while the original offer was in route and I receive the original a few days after I inquired about my free sample. I felt real bad about one company I did this too as it's a small company and since they had ran out of samples they sent me a full size one instead and then a few days later the actual sample came.

So you are going to see that if you really want to make sure your samples are coming there is some work on your part that needs to be done. Basically what I do is after eight weeks has passed I’ll go to the company that was offering the free offer and email them. About half the time I get a reply right away and have to give them my mailing address so they can send out the sample right away. Sometimes they don’t email me back and just send it out. Then there are those companies that don’t email you back and I wait about two weeks more and ask again. This time I am a little more persistent. After two emails if I really want the product I’ll email again but if I don’t really care then I count my loss and remove it from my list thinking it’s not going to come. It is sad, but not all samples I sign up for I get. However, I’d say 65% do come with another 10% coming after asking about them.

I hope you found this helpful when it comes to the status of your samples.

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