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Helping Others

I'll be honest, donating my time and money is very hard for me to do so I try to find simple ways to donate to those in need. One easy way to donate is by clicking or "liking" companies on Facebook that will turn those clicks and "likes" into real money for charities. Knowing that I helped in this way makes me feel good that I am doing a part to help others in need. If you'd like to join me I have created this list of companies that will donate to charities by you just simply "liking" them on Facebook or clicking on something. It's easy to do and the more that gets contributed in this way the more donations charities will get!

Looks like I need to add more to this list as I just deleted a bunch that were old.

Click To Give
Simply clicking six times will help out six different charities.  PLUS in return you will earn points that you can use to donate even more.   Click above to read a post I wrote about this program to find out more information.