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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Free Sample of Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

This offer is back if you missed it when I shared it on October 9th.  They currently have 46,176 samples left to give away.

Pantene wanted you to retweet one of their tweets yesterday on Twitter but it looks like you can just request a free sample of Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner without doing so.  Hurry as there are only about 22,820 samples left the last time I checked.

Just go here and either log into your Chirpify account or connect one of your social profiles to get to the form.  This form would not work in Firefox for me so I tried it in Internet Explorer and it worked. 

GiftHulk - Rewards The EZ Way!

I got a special code worth 32 Hulk Coins that three other members can use.  The code is: qfaqqhyhq
By the way, I tried to share this yesterday but it didn't post for some reason so this code may have expired but it still looked like none of them have been claimed so it's worth a shot to try it out.

Were you a member of Superpoints and upset that they closed their website without notifying you first and giving you no chance to redeem your points? I was very upset. I had over 2,000 points that I could of redeemed for something. Now my hard earned time of spinning that wheel has been wasted. Well, now I can go unlock GiftHulk's Treasure Box instead for GiftHulk points and more. If you'd like to join me in unlocking a treasure box everyday then join GiftHulk. I think it's way better than Superpoints was anyway.

For joining GiftHulk you will get an ADDITIONAL 30 HULK COINS by entering "gifthulktotherescue" at the Fountain of Youth immediately after signing up! This is in addition to the usual sign-up bonus of 50 Hulk Coins! This is a great incentive as an Amazon Gift Card costs only 439 Hulk Coins! How great is that!

Plus just like Superpoints when you refer you also earn. You will earn 20% and a Permanent Treasure Key from your Referral! By the way, that 20% is for as long as you are a member of GiftHulk! The Permanent Treasure Key is for every active referral.

So sign up here to join this great rewards program.

Please note the links in this post are my referral links.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Sample of Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream For Facebook Members

Request a free 2ml sample of Lab Series Age Rescue+ Water Charged Gel Cream.

Just "like" Lab Series and scroll past the sweepstakes entry form to get to the form for the sample request. 

Free Sample of Uncle Ulrick's All Natural, All American Jerky Treats For Dogs

Uncle Ulrick would like to send you a free sample of their All Natural, All American Jerky Treats for dogs along with a money saving coupon to use on a future purchase.

Just go here and fill out the form.

Points: Kellogg's Family Rewards

**NEW CODES** Here are two new codes worth a total of 100 points!
These codes expire 10/27/14
This codes expire on October 23rd.

Just go here to log in to your account.

It looks like Kellogg's has a new program where you can collect points to redeem for rewards!  I just received an email with a secret code and the code was worth 150 points!

Just buy participating Kellogg's products and there will be a code on each one of them.  The point value varies depending on the size of the product.  You can learn more about point values here.

The site even lists all of their current promotions they have.  I found this really neat to check out.

They have many rewards that you can earn when you redeem your points.  For just 1,000 points you can  redeem for a $1.50 off select products that you can print out.

The rewards categories are:
- Coupons, Discounts, Gift Cards
- Sweepstakes & Instant Wins
- Books, Music, Magazines
- Electronics, Toys, and Games
- Housewares / Kitchen
- Apparel & Gear

To learn more about Kellogg's Family Rewards just go here for an overview of the program.  Then log in (or register) to get started.  By the way, if you are registered with another Kellogg's account your password will be the same so you won't need to create an account.

Here are some codes you may want to try out: