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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Points: Recyclebank

Not a member of Recyclebank then click here* to register.

You can always find more ways to earn points when you go here.

Here are ways to earn points (activities that say new have been recently added with the date that I added to this post, not when Recyclebank added them to their website).

**Daily** - Check Recyclebank's homepage for the Daily Pledge to earn 5 points each day.

NEW (added Feb 9th) - Recyclebank's Top 10 Ways To Show Landfills Some Love This February.  Article for 5 points.

NEW (added Feb 9th) - Because You Asked: Are Plastic Sandwich Bags Recyclable?  Article for 5 points.

NEW (added Feb 5th) - The List: 5 Repairs That Will Prolong The Life of Your Stuff.  Article for 5 points.

NEW (added Feb 4th) - The 5 Most Basic Rules For Recycling Right.  Slideshow for 30 points.

(added Feb 2nd) - Because You Asked: What Good Is Upcycling?  Article for 5 points.

(added Feb 1st) - Recyclebank's Top 10 Ways To Show Landfills Some Love This February.  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 28th) - The Impact of Recycling: Making A Daily Difference.  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 26th) - Because You Asked: Are Ballet Shoes Recyclable?  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 22nd) - The List: 6 New Ways to Turn Trash to Treasure.  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 20th) - The 3-Step Recycling Process.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Jan 19th) - Because You Asked: How Should I Put Out My Recycling?  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 14th) - Speak the Recycling Logo.  Quiz for 20 points.

(added Jan 12th) - Because You Asked: What Happens To Used Garbage Bags?  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 8th) - The List: 5 Ways to Reduce Waste in 2016.  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 7th) - Can You Picture A World Without Paper?  Video for 30 points.

(added Jan 7th) - 6 Ways To Shrink Your Water Footprint.  Slideshow for 30 points.

(added Jan 6th) - Because You Asked: If I Can't Put Aseptic Cartons In My Recycling Bin, Do I Have To Trash Them?  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 4th) - Recycling A Serious Saver of Water. Quiz for 20 points.

(added Jan 3rd) - Recycebank's Top 10.  Article for 5 points.

(added Jan 3rd) - How Today's Water Usage Impacts Tomorrow.  Slideshow for 30 points.

(added Dec 29th) - Because You Asked: Is Mulching Really the Best Option For Old Christmas Trees.  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 23rd) - The List: 6 Ways to Recycle, Repurpose, and Reuse After the Holidays.  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 23rd) - Because You Asked: Can I Recycle Old Christmas Ball Ornaments?  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 21st) - Determining Our Water Footprint.  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 17th) - How Does Water Reach Us?  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Dec 15th) - Because You Asked: What Should I Do With All The Packaging From My Online Orders?  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 13th) - The Water Cycle And Us.  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 12th) - The List: 4 Ways to Wrap Up Hanukkah More Sustainably.  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 10th) - 5 Things To Know About H2O.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Dec 8th) - Because You Asked: How Do I Recycle Kids' Arts and Crafts?  Article for 5 points.

(added Dec 3rd) - How To Cut Down On Your GHG Footprint.  Quiz for 30 points.

(added Dec 1st) - Because You Asked: Are Paper Clips Recyclable?  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 30th) - Discover The Second Life of Bathroom Products.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Nov 30th) - How Recycling Combats Excessive GHGs.  Slideshow for 20 points.

(added Nov 27th) - The List: 7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (In Your Trash Can, That Is).  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 25th) - Building a Brighter Tomorrow.  Video for 30 points.

(added Nov 25th) - What Bathroom Products Can and Can't Be Recycled.  Infogram for 25 points.

(added Nov 25th) - The Real-Time Impact of Greenhouse Gases.  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 24th) - Because You Asked: Should I Remove Corks And Metal Rings From Recyclable Wine Bottles?  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 19th) - Learn How GHGs Affect Global Temperatures.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Nov 17th) - Because You Asked: Can I Put Composite Containers in the Recycling Bin?  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 16th) - The Origins of Greenhouse Gases.  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 13th) - The List: 7 Green Game-Changers You Can Do This Weekend.  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 11th) - Step Up Your GHG Vocab.  Slideshow for 40 points.

(added Nov 10th) - Because You Asked: Is Tubeless Toilet Paper Better Than Recycled Toilet Paper?  Article for 5 points.

(added Nov 5th) - Greenhouse Gases, Defined.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Nov 3rd) - Because You Asked: Are Light Bulbs E-Waste?  Article for 5 points.

(added Oct 29th) - #ProTips For Reducing Your HHW.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Oct 26th) - Pause Before Pitching HHW.  Quiz for 30 points.

(added Oct. 22nd) - Helpful HHW Disposal Tips.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Oct. 19th) - Who You Gonna Call (About HHW).  Slideshow for 30 points.

(added Oct. 15th) - Coming To Terms With HHW.  Quiz for 20 points.

(added Oct. 12th) - A Deeper Dive Into HHW.  Video for 30 points.

(added Oct. 8th) - What Makes Household Waste Hazardous?  Quiz for 35 points.

(added Oct. 1st) - Learn How To Co-Exist With Plastics.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Oct. 1st) - Adding Up Bathroom Recycling.  Take the pledge for 25 points.

(added Sept. 29th) - Before You Asked: Why Isn't More Food Packaging Recyclable?  Article for 5 points.

(added Sept. 28th)Read This Before Discarding One More Plastic Product.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Sept. 25th) - The Confusing Things About Plastic Recycling.  Quiz for 40 points.

(added Sept. 24th) - The Plastic Recycling Process.  Article for 5 points.

(added Sept. 21st) - The Origins of Plastic.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Sept. 17th) - Plastic And It's Role In The Environment.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Sept. 14th) - Crack the Resin Identification Code.  Slideshow for 45 points.

(added Sept. 11th) - What Are Plastics, Really?  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Sept. 3rd) - How Your Glass Can Make A Smaller Impact.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 31st) - Before You Put Glass In The Bin.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 28th) - The Dollars And (Common) Sense Behind Recycling Glass.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 26th) - The Glass Recovery Process.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 20th) - The Origins of Glass.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 17th) - A Closer Look at Glass.  Infographic for 5 points.

(added Aug. 14th) - Basic Glassifications.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Keep Old Tech Out of the Trash.  E-cycling Locator for 5 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Which Metals Are Accepted For Recycling?  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Dial Back Your Energy Usage.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - The Origins of Energy.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Power Up Your Energy IQ.  Quiz for 30 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Crystal Clear Glass Facts.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Because You Asked: How Should I Dispose of Unused Meds?  Article for 5 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Paper Pick 'Em.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - PaperRecycling, By the Numbers.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - The New Paper Playbook.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Pre-Recycling Prep For Paper.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Turn Over a New Leaf.  Infographic for 5 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Follow The Paper Trail.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Paper's Weight in the World.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - What Kind of Paper is That?  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - A Primer on Paper.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Recycle Your Way to Energy Efficiency.  Quiz 20 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - DIY Diversions.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - The Energy Impact.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Energy's Journey to Your Door.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Meet Your Main Power Players.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - The Significance of a Single Tree.  Infographic for 25 points.

(added Aug. 13th) - Wanna Improve Your Metal Habits?  Quiz for 25 points.

(added May 22nd) - The Metal Recycling Process, Revealed!  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added May 20th) - How Much Does Metal Matter.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added May 19th) - 11 Common Recycling Questions.  Infographic for 5 points.

(added May 15th) - How To Tell Your Metals Apart.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added May 11th) - Know Your Metal.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added May 1st) - Phone Facts You Should Know Before You Throw.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added April 28th) - Get an "A" For Effort on Your E-Waste Habits.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added April 23rd) - Recycling E-Waste: Sustainable Solutions for Your Old Electronics.  Infographic for 5 points.

(added April 20th) - Get the Scoop on the E-Cycling Process.  Read five slides for 25 points.

(added April 20th) - Identifying Responsibly Made Paper.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added April 17th) - Which One Belongs in the Bin?  Quiz for 25 points.

(added April 17th) - Upgrade Your E-Waste Knowledge.  Quiz for 25 points.

(added April 10th) - Don't Trash Old Tech.  Quiz for 20 points.

(added April 2nd) - Eat More, Waste Less.  Slideshow for 25 points.

(added March 31th) - Put Organic Waste in it's Place.  Slideshow for 25 points.

3 Streams For Organic Waste.  Quiz for 25 points.

The Impact of Organic Waste.  Infographic for 5 points.

There Is No "Away"    Quiz for 25 points.

Dive Into The Details of Organic Waste.  Slideshow for 25 points

Energy Calculator.  Calculator for 15 points.

What is Organic Waste?  Quiz for 25 points.

Better Living Through Greener Gadgets.  Three slideshows for a total of 75 points (25 points each).

Do Recyclable Materials Vary From City to City.  Slideshow for 30 points.

ECO Library.  Click the arrow to check out the ten slides.  Then your earn 10 points. (This is the link from my email.)

Contamination's Negative Effects.  Quiz for 20 points.

How to Prevent Contamination.  Article for 5 points.

Where your Recyclables Go.  Infographic for 5 points.

Contamination and it's Impact on Clean Recyclables.  Quiz for 25 points.

Identifying the Various Waste Streams.  Slideshow for 25 points.

What is Recycling Contamination?  Quiz for 20 points.

The Impact of Recycling: Making a Daily Difference.  Infographic for 5 points.

Becoming a Recycling Pro: Step 3. Article for 5 points.

Becoming a Recycling Pro: Step 2.  Quiz for 15 points.

Becoming a Recycling Pro: Step 1.  Slideshow for 20 points.

The Meaning of Chasing Arrows.  Article for 5 points.

The 4 Basic Recyclable Materials.  Slideshow for 25 points.

Rules of Recycling.  Quiz for 15 points.

The 3-Step Recycling Process.  Slideshow for 25 points.

What is Recycling?  Slideshow for 25 points.

Travel-Sized Bathroom Tips For Less Waste.  Slideshow for 25 points.

5 Things Everyone Forgets to Recycle (in the Bathroom).   Slideshow for 25 points.

What Grows Around Comes Around.  Video for 30 points and Quiz for 25 points.

What Bathroom Recycling Solutions Works For You?  Quiz for 30 points.

A Fresh Start For Spring. Click where it says "More Ideas" or the +'s to earn 10 points each for a total of 100 points.

The bars of soap late in February about a week after I requested them on February 17th.  In fact, I received one of the five bars of soap two days before I received the other four bars which I thought was odd that one would come earlier than the other four.  I was happy with how quickly these arrived.

Not sure what to spend your points on like me?  How about some nice soap?  Right now you can get a free coupon code to redeem at the OneTwine store for a 5 oz bar of Nubian Heritage African Black Bar Soap for only 1,500 points (regularly $4.99).  I think right now this is the best reward to spend your points on.  Just go here and click where it says "Get this Reward".  You can request five at a time (this is what I did).  Once you request your coupon you will receive an email (almost immediately for me) from Recyclebank with your coupon codes.  You will have to redeem one coupon per transaction and the loading was a little slow for me.  The soap has free shipping if you only order the soap.  If you order more items in the store they will charge you $4.95 flat rate shipping.  I'm so happy I was finally able to request something of interest to me with all of my Recyclebank points I have accumulated since the last time I requested something which was a couple years ago.  So hopefully this will be of interest to you too so you can use some of your points as well. 

Recyclebank is place to earn points for learning about recycling and participating in recycling. Each time you do an activity listed on their site you get points. Then you use those points to get rewards.

Click here* to register.

NOTE: the above link* is referral link. All the others take you to where you earn your points.

Swagbucks - Swag Code Alert!

Swag Code Alert!
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Free Sample of Soleil Bar - Expired

This offer has expired.

Here is a nice sample for you to try out.  It's a free Soleil Bar.  You even get to select the flavor you'd like to try: Apple Cinnamon, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, Salted Caramel Pecan, Vanilla Almond Cashew, and Double Chocolate Chip.

Just go here and fill out the form.

Points: Kellogg's Family Rewards

**NEW CODE** Here are two new codes worth 25 points each.

There is a new code worth 25 points but you'll need to text to receive them: text message: LEGGOMYEGGO to 89332.  Also, in order to get the points you'll need to make sure you have accepted to receive Kellogg's Family Rewards text message subscription on in your account.  Once it is set up and you enter the code above the 25 points will be added to your account.

Just go here to log in to your account.

It looks like Kellogg's has a new program where you can collect points to redeem for rewards!  I just received an email with a secret code and the code was worth 150 points!

Just buy participating Kellogg's products and there will be a code on each one of them.  The point value varies depending on the size of the product.  You can learn more about point values here.

The site even lists all of their current promotions they have.  I found this really neat to check out.

They have many rewards that you can earn when you redeem your points.  For just 1,000 points you can  redeem for a $1.50 off select products that you can print out.

The rewards categories are:
- Coupons, Discounts, Gift Cards
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To learn more about Kellogg's Family Rewards just go here for an overview of the program.  Then log in (or register) to get started.  By the way, if you are registered with another Kellogg's account your password will be the same so you won't need to create an account.

Here are some codes you may want to try out:
PACKING4VACATION for 20 points.
SMOREKFRPOINTS4U for 25 points.
SAVINGSREWARDS4U for 100 points.
KFRMOMSLUVPOINTS for 100 points.
BONUSCODE4MOMMAS for 100 points.
PTS4CCLIPINISTAS for 100 points.
RADARLUVSREWARDS for 100 points.
GETKFRREWARDSNOW for 100 points.
DEALSANDKFRPTS4U for 100 points.
POINTSFORMOMMIES for 100 points.
SWEETREWARDS4YOU for 100 points.
IHEARTBONUSCODES for 100 points.
100POINTTHANKYOU for 100 points.
HERES2ABETTERKFR for 25 points.
feastonkfrpoints for 25 points.
kfrgivesthanks4u for 25 points.
kfrhappyholidays for 25 points.
kfrkeepsongiving for 25 points.
KFRSUPERSAVERMOM for 100 points.
FREEPOINTS4DIVAS for 100 points.
25PTBIGGAMEBONUS for 25 points.

Master List from Slickdeals.  (So I can remove expired codes)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Sample of Pantene Airspray

Pantene has a new product you can sample for free before it hits the stores.  It is called Pantene Airspray.

Just go here and fill out the form.