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Friday, April 29, 2011

Points: Click To Give

Click to Give is a place where you can click on a link and they will donate to the specific charity that you clicked on. There are six different charities you can click on each day.

The six different charities are:
ASPCA - pay for food, care and prevention to fight against animal cruelty
Feed The Children - help to feed the poor
Childhelp - help in preventing child abuse
The National Alliance to End Homelessness - help prevent and end homelessness
Impact Kids Cancer - help pay to fight against and impact kids cancer
Sponsor a child - help pay for food, education, clean water and clothing

Also each click that you do each day (six each day) will give you one point. You can use these points to make a donation.

I have been doing this since December. I get a daily email reminder sent to me each day so I won't forget to "Click to Give". I really enjoy helping companies donate for me in this manner (or by "liking" them on Facebook) because it's very simple to do and helps others in need.

So if you are interested in donating in this way then click here to register so you can donate to up to six charities each day plus earn points at the same time.

NOTE: this is my referral link.

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