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Monday, October 27, 2014

Surveys: Crowdtap

Crowdtap has changed (again!) since I joined but it is still kind of fun.  You earn points by answering questions, submitting photos, participating in discussions, and participating in sample and shares or hosted parties.  My favorite part of Crowdtap are the sample and shares.  This is where you apply to try out a new product (usually full size) for free and all you have to do is share about your experience with your friends and family.  Plus there are some activities that you can do and the report is mandatory.  I have received many products over the years to try out from Crowdtap.

Each time your earn 1,000 points, you are automatically emailed a code for a $5 Amazon eCertificate.  They just started this new rewards system.  In fact I have earned four $5 Amazon eCertificates this past month.

Join me on Crowdtap to start earning rewards too!

Click here to sign up.


  1. I signed up and hope you receive the 100 points. I used your referral link.

  2. I did thank you. I actually thought you were already a member so I was surprised when I saw it.