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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reviews: Easy Access Bandages & Easy Care First Aid Kit

The Tender Corporation manufactures the world-famous insect bite treatment, AfterBite, along with a full line of well-known insect repellents, first-aid and burn remedy products. Many Tender products are packaged in innovative ways that make them convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly. For example Easy Access Bandages and the Easy Care First Aid Kit are two products that they make that are very handy to have for your first aid needs.

The Easy Access Bandages are very handy when you only have just one hand to put on the bandage, especially in times when you get a cut on your fingers.  These bandages have an easy one-handed application.  You just firmly grip the top of the bandage and the bottom of the pack.  Pull the bandage straight out of the pack and then stick the exposed end of the bandage to skin.  Then remove the remaining paper and press firmly.  One portable pack of flexible fabric bandages (1 in X 3 in) has 15 bandages that are basically stapled together making them easy to find when put in your pocket or purse.  There is also less mess and waste when you put on the bandage as you only have to throw away the paper on the side of the bandage that you pulled out of the pack.

Here is a nice video to show you more about the Easy Access Bandages.

I think these Easy Access Bandages are really neat.  I never liked putting on bandages, especially on my fingers as they are always so hard to put on.  These bandages are really easy to put on though and I didn't have to worry about the bandage sticking together or getting dirty as I tried to put it on. 

The Easy Care First Aid Kit is the only first aid kit you'll ever need.  It is perfect for the home, workshop, outdoors, travel, sports, and any other family situation.  The kit comes in a red bag with a black handle and a dual zipper.  The kit is then divided into six pockets that are organized by injury. 

Each of the pockets are organized by injury and have the following contents in them:
1. Cuts & Scrapes
     (30) Adhesive Plastic Bandage 3/4"X3"
     (20) Adhesive Plastic Bandage 3/8"X1.5"
     (20) Adhesive Plastic Bandage 1"X3"
     (10) Adhesive Knuckle Fabric Bandage
     (4) Adhesive Spot Bandage 7/8"X7/8" Plastic
     (4) Fingertip Fabric Bandage
     (2) Elbow/Knee Fabric Adhesive Bandage
     (20) Antiseptic Towelette
     (2) Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.5g
     (4) Butterfly Wound Closure

2. Blister, Splinters & Stings
     (4) Insect Sting Relief Pad
     (1) Moleskin
     (1) Tweezers

3. Bleeding, Wounds & Burns
     (2) Non-Adherent Pad 2"X3"
     (2) Burn Cream 0.9g
     (10) Cotton-Tipped Applicator
     (4) Sterile Gauze Pad 2"X2"
     (4) Sterile Gauze Pad 3"X3"
     (2) Roller Gauze Bandage 2"X4.1yds.
     (1) First Aid Tape Roll 1/2"X10yds.
     (1) Combine Pad 5"X9"
     (2) Medical-Grade Gloves

4. Headaches & Pain
     (8) Ibuprofen 200mg
     (8) Non-Aspirin 325mg

5. Sprains & Strains
     (1) Elastic Bandage 2"
     (1) Instant Cold Compress
     (3) Assorted Safety Pins
     (2) Wooden Finger Splint

6. CPR & Shock
     (1) CPR Breathing Barrier
     (1) Emergency Reflective Blanket
     (1) Emergency First Aid Guide

Just check out the picture below of all that comes in the Easy Care First Aid Kit to give you a nice visual of all that's in this kit. 
Wow, that's a lot of stuff in one kit.  I love how the Easy Care First Aid Kit is nicely organized in pockets by injury making it very easy to know what kind of first aid products you'll need for the specific injury that you may have.  I also like how each pocket gives a brief instruction on what you'll need to do for the specific injury you have as well.  This is definitely the best first aid kit I have ever owned.  I plan to store it in my car since I don't have one stored there and I think it is important to have one there in case something happens while I am away from my home. 

If you would like to learn more about the Easy Access Bandages and the Easy Care First Aid Kit along with all the other product the Tender Corporation makes you can check out their website, "like" Easy Access Bandages on Facebook, and "like" Easy Care First Aid Kits on Facebook.  Plus you can save $1 on the Easy Access Bandages that are exclusively sold at Walmart stores.

Disclosure: I received a box of Easy Access Bandages and an Easy Care First Aid Kit All Purpose to help me write this review.  All of the opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with these products may be different than mine.

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