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Monday, February 18, 2013

Reviews: Purex Crystal For Baby

Introducing a new way to add gentle freshness to your baby's laundry.  Purex's popular line of Purex Crystals now includes a product made specifically for babies.  Purex Crystals For Baby is the newest member of the Purex Crystals family and was developed with babies' gentle skin in mind.  So, now you can add long-lasting freshness to your baby's laundry!

Like other Purex Crystals, their new product is 87% natural.  it goes in at the start of the wash, spending more time with your baby's laundry and infusing it with freshness that lasts for weeks, not days.  Plus, Purex Crystals For Baby is hypoallergenic, dye free, and safe for use on all clothes, including children's sleepwear.  Just add Purex Crystals For Baby directly with your laundry detergent and take snuggle time to a whole new level of cozy with it's baby-inspired fragrance!

While I don't have a baby, I'm sure it is very important to use the right softener on your baby's clothes so that they don't irritate baby's delicate skin.  Purex Crystals For Baby is designed to do this which is a wonderful find.  I already love the normal Purex Crystals so I knew that I'd probably also love the Purex Crystals For Baby too.  Well, it's true.  What I really like is that it smells really good and that it is safe on children's sleepwear which is very important as it does not impair the flame retardant qualities the Consumer Products Safety Commission regulates on children's sleepwear to meet certain flame-retardant standards.

If you'd like to learn more about Purex Crystals For Baby and other products Purex makes you can visit the Purex website, "like" Purex on Facebook, and follow Purex on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Purex Insider and I received a bottle of Purex Crystals For Baby (28 oz) and three free product coupons to help me write this review and have this giveaway.  All the opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with this product may be different than mine.


  1. I do not currently use any of the Purex Crystals, but I do use Purex laundry soap :)

  2. Right now I use the Lavender crystals and love 'em!

    Maggie True Armstrong
    maggie at pdclarion dot com

  3. I don't use them yet, but I've heard awesome things about them!

  4. I have used them before but it has been a while so I can't remember the scent.

  5. Yes, I do use Purex Softener Crystals in Lavender scent.

  6. i have not tried any of the crystals yet