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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reviews: RW Garcia Tortilla Chips

RW Garcia makes 100% all natural and non-GMO tortilla chips and crackers.  Their snacks are delicious and good for you too. RW Garcia makes seven products in many different flavors: (6) Dippers, (3) MixtBag, (3) Veggie, (4) Flaxseed, (2) Big Bags, (2) Classic, and (3) 5-Seed Crackers.

I was generously sent nine packages of RW Garcia tortilla chips (pictured above).  I love that these chips are all natural and that I can easily read every ingredient listed in the Ingredients list.  I also like that they have zero trans fats and are gluten free.  Also most of them were even low in sodium which is great for salty snacks.

Below, are the RW Garcia tortilla chips I got to try out.

English Cheddar                              Veggie                                           Curry & Mango

All of these chips were nice and crunchy which definitely satisfied my crunchy craving.  The English Cheddar was very flavorful.  My husband and I really liked these.  In fact, they probably are my favorite of the bunch.  I loved how I could taste the mild cheddar flavor and still taste the tortilla chip itself.  The Veggie chips are very colorful because there are three different flavors in the bag.  My favorite veggie chip was the Red Beet & Onion chip.  I was hesitant to try the Curry & Mango chip because I'm not a fan of spicy foods.  They turned out to be not as spicy as I had thought but they were still a little spicy for me.  Sadly, I could barely taste the mango which I was disappointed about.  However, my husband really liked these.

Sweet Potato                                   Savory                                          Blue Corn

All of the Dippers are made with three seeds which I liked because I could taste the seeds in these tortilla chips.  The Sweet Potato was rather mild but both my husband and I really liked these.  The Savory chips were very mild as well and I felt they were just alright.  However, I think they would be really great with a dip though.  The Blue Corn chips tasted good as well.

Sweet & Spicy Salsa                        Red & Yellow                                Yellow & Blue

MixtBag tortilla chips contains two different tortilla chips.  The Sweet & Spicy salsa was very mild and I liked them.  The Red & Yellow and Yellow & Blue Corn all tasted like normal tortilla chips to me.  However, since I know they are all natural that makes them all the better.

To learn more about RW Garcia Tortilla chips you can visit the RW Garcia website.  You can also "like" them on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: RW Garcia generously gave me nine bags of RW Garcia tortilla chips ((6) Dippers (English Cheddar, Veggie, Curry & Mango, Sweet Potato, Savory, and Blue Corn (6 oz each), and (3) MixtBag (Sweet & Spicy Salsa, Red & Yellow, and Yellow & Blue (14 oz each)).  I was under no obligation to write a review if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.  Your experience with this product may be different than mine.

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