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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reviews: Emergen-C

Give yourself a healthy advantage with Emergen-C Vitamin Supplement Drink Mix.  With over 20 flavor varieties, they offer an inviting and enjoyable way to help stay healthy!*  Emergen-C is a fizzy vitamin drink mix that is a fast, fun and fruity way to help you Feel the Good!  Each packet of the health and energy enhancing* formula fizzes in water to provide 24 nutrients, including 1,000 mg of immune supporting vitamin C,* 7 B vitamins to enhance energy naturally* (no caffeine, no crash), electrolytes to refuel and replenish post-workout,*and more.

Emergen-C is a different way to take your vitamins.  I was given five flavors to try and I decided to go with the raspberry flavor first.  It seemed to dissolve easily in the half cup of water I put it in.  I did enjoy how it smelled as I stirred it.  Now Emergen-C is a fizzy supplement so it was fun to watch it fizz and foam as I poured and mixed it.  Being one who does not like fizzy beverages I was really hesitant to try this out.  However, I mixed it really well to try and make it not so fizzy for me.  So how was it?  It wasn't that bad but I could still tell it was fizzy.  I did like the flavor of the raspberry though so that was good.  I may try the other flavors but since I'm not that into beverages with fizz, it does make it a little hard to want to swallow them.  Below is a picture of how the Emergen-C beverage looks like and how much you have to take.

If you'd like to learn more about Emergen-C you can visit the Emergen-C website, "like" Emergen-C on Facebook, follow Emergen-C on Twitter, and watch Emergen-C on YouTube.  You can also request a free sample of Emergen-C for yourself and print out a $1.50 off coupon to help you save on your next purchase of Emergen-C.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Smiley360 and was given free samples of Emergen-C (Super Orange, Raspberry, Cranberry-Pmegranate, Pink Lemonade, and Citrus (Immune +)) w/$1 off coupon to help me write this review.  All of the opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with the product may be different than mine.

Please use as directed. If you have any questions, call a customer service representative toll-free at 1.888.425.2362 Monday – Friday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

^Based on using the nutrient database vallue for a large, raw orange.

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