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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Off Topic: Summer with Snuggle Bear

Snuggle Bear had one fabulous summer this year and he would love to share all that he got to do!

First he took a plane flight from Seattle to Sacramento.  He even made sure to arrive early so that he would not miss his flight.

After his flight, Snuggle's family picked him up.  Snuggle's family then drove to Folsom to see the town where he grew up.  One place in particular he wanted to see was how low Folsom Lake had got.  Boy was it low.  Too bad, as he was looking forward to going on a jet ski ride.  However, earlier that week the city decided to close the lake to boats as the water was way below the boat dock.

The next day Snuggle took a road trip all the way down to San Diego to spend time down there.  The ride was long and when he got to the Grapevine area it started to rain which caused more traffic than usual.  In fact, he learned that night as he checked into his hotel room in San Diego that 1.03 inches of rain fell that Saturday, braking the old single day record of 0.83 inches set back in July 25, 1902 AND the record for the entire month of July's rainfall which was 0.92 inches also back in July 1 - 31, 1902.

On Sunday, Snuggle went to church at the Metropolitan Community Church and absolutely loved their alter as it was a very special display just for that Sunday!  Later that day he went to the Pride Music Festival but got drenched due to more rain falling that day.

On Monday, Snuggle went to Legoland California Resort and enjoyed seeing all of the neat lego displays and going on some of the rides.  He really liked seeing the actual lego display set they used for the lego movie.  Snuggle even found a really nice souvenir to take home and remind him of his trip there.

On Tuesday, Snuggle went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Snuggle enjoyed going on the tram ride to see all of the animals in their natural habitat.  His favorite animal at the zoo was the Sumatran Tiger.  He especially loved the artwork on display encouraging visitors to help support tiger conservation.

On Wednesday, Snuggle went to SeaWorld.  He enjoyed going on most of the rides and seeing some shows.  He really liked the view from the Skytower.  Snuggle loved the food at Cafe 64, especially the hamburgers as you get create your own just the way you wanted and boy did his turn out good.

On Thursday, Snuggle went to the San Diego Zoo.  He enjoyed the tram tour and the kangaroo bus to help with some of the walking.  The big cat displays were his favorite, especially the jaguar since the mom jaguar had given birth in March.

On Friday Snuggle left early to go back to Folsom to rest as he knew his vacation was only half done.  While the second week was not as exciting as his first he did get to spend more time with family.

The following Friday, Snuggle went camping at the Thousand Tails Ponderosa RV Resort.  He enjoyed watching the many visitors to the area go rafting down the American River.  He even enjoyed nice meals of eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch, hamburgers for dinner, and yummy banana boats for dessert.  One night he even got to watch the movie Maleficent on a big screen under the stars.

Monday was Snuggle's final day on his trip.  He had a nice night with his family where he showed off his souvenirs that he had bought in San Diego.  Snuggle had his photo taken with his family to take home to remember his wonderful time he got to spend with his family.

Snuggle's family then took him back to the airport early the next day so he would not miss his flight.  While Snuggle waited a little to board the plane he thought of how wonderful his time was spent with his family.  However, Snuggle still looked forward to going back home.  It was a wonderful trip for Snuggle, one he'll never forget.

Disclaimer: I received this cute Snuggle Bear for free from the Snuggle Community.  I enjoyed his company on this trip down to California.

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