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Monday, February 1, 2016

Reviews: Greens Plus

Greens Plus is the original green superfood company who are dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives. They stand by their products and only produce natural, premium quality, organically-grown and non-GMO ingredients.

Greens Plus makes the following products:
- Energy Bars: Energy Chocolate and Energy Natural
- Protein Bars: Protein Chocolate, Protein Natural and Whey Krisp
- Chia Bars: Chia Chocolate and Chia Natural
- Crisp Bars: Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Crisp, Dark Chocolate & Blueberry Crisp, Original Superfood Crisp and Dark Chocolate Coffee and Almond Crisp
- PlusShake: Whey-Based Greens Protein Powder (Chocolate and Vanilla)
- Advanced Multi Powders: Raw, Wild Berry, Vanilla Chai
- Organic Powder: Organic Superfood, Organic Wild Berry and Organic Amazon Chocolate
- Chia: Omega3 Chia Seeds
- Resveratrol
- Thermo Lean

Greens Plus is targeted nutrition for the total body.  Greens Plus has incorporated into their proprietary blend so many nutritionals that target the total body organs and cells. Literally, it is hard to find a competitor who would do the same.

Greens Plus delivers vital & sustained mental & physical energy.  The food from Greens Plus when consumed delivers quick satiety results by feeding the body on the cellular levels and delivering the so needed energy to do what we need on the daily basis.

I got to try out four of the bars that Greens Plus makes: +PlusBar Protein Whey Krisp, +PlusBar Blueberry Almond Chia Crisp, +PlusBar Energy Chocolate, +PlusBar Protein Chocolate.  There was at least one I didn't like and there was also one that I did like.

The +PlusBar Protein Whey Krisp was the first bar I tried and it was also my least favorite bar.  This bar didn't look appitizing to me and the taste wasn't great either.  I found it kind of bland.  It had a very mild peanut taste and I think I could taste the whey in it (I'm not real familiar with the taste of whey though).

The +PlusBar Blueberry Almond Chia Crisp was my third favorite bar.  The front of the package does not mention that it has chocolate in the bar but the bottom of the bar is coated with it and there are also chips in the bar too.  The chocolate is mild and I thought the blueberries tasted nice.  The texture of this bar is interesting as it is crispy and soft at the same time.

The +PlusBar Energy Chocolate was my favorite of the four bars I got to try out.  The dates were mild but rather tasty.  I really liked the flavor of the dark chocolate and found it was yummy.  The bar is nice and soft but it held it's form when you consume it which I liked.

The +PlusBar Protein Chocolate was my second favorite.  I found the dark chocolate to be a little rich for me though.  The peanut was a little mild.  What probably bothered me the most was that this bar was much harder than I was hoping for especially after consuming it right after the +PlusBar Energy Chocolate bar.

If you'd like to learn more about Greens Plus and the other products Greens Plus makes you can visit the Greens Plus website.  You can also follow them on their social pages:

Greens Plus is sold in the following stores: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Vitamin Shoppe, Safeway, and Publix.  Or you can use their store locator to find a store near you that carries their products.

Disclaimer: I received a nice package of Greens Plus ((3) +PlusBar Protein Whey Krisp (1.8 oz), (3) +PlusBar Blueberry Almond Chia Crisp (1.4 oz), (3) +PlusBar Energy Chocolate (2 oz), and (3) +PlusBar Protein Chocolate (2 oz)) to help me write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with this product may be different than mine.

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