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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Off Topic: I'm Still Here, Sort Of

Hi all.  I'm still here but mostly just posting about Swagbucks.  I know that may be boring to most of you but I only have access to a personal computer once a week for a few hours.  The rest of my time on the internet these days, is all on my smart phone for a few hours.  I also have to be at a wifi hotspot since I still do not have internet at my home unless I want to use my data which I try to save for emergencies.  So when I do have access to the internet, I'm mostly checking my email, reading blogs that I follow on Feedly, quickly posting about Swagbucks, and taking a survey or two.  I rarely have time to do much else.  I do want to continue to blog.  It's just that I don't have the time.  I'll still be here though and will post random thoughts like this every once in a while.  

By the way, the free offers seem to be few and far between compared to a few years ago.  I remember receiving at least one sample almost every mail day it seems.  Now I'm lucky if it's once or even twice a week.  I am sad about this but at least I am enjoying all that companies offer when I do get a chance to sign up.

So you may ask about the future for this blog.  Well, I'm not going to quit unless I absolutely have to.  This has not happened as of yet.  Blogging will be slow still until my access to the internet or a personal computer change.  I will let you know about this as time passes.  What I blog about may change too or may be the same.  As time passes I'll keep you informed.

I do want to thank you for your continued patience as I slowly post.  I hope you continue to stay with me and hopefully will share with others my blog when I can start to post more regularly and on different topics besides Swagbucks that is.

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