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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Newbie Introduction

If you are new to how to get free stuff then you may want to read this. If you are not then you can probably skip this section as I will be discussing how you get free stuff.

Basically I'll post a free item you can sign up for. There will be a link that takes you directly to where you sign up for the sample. There you will fill out a form. All forms require your name, address, and email address. So usually you'll use an email address you don't care too much about (your junk email). Some require more information. For example, your phone number and birth date. Some have a mini survey. The survey basically asks you information that would be related to the free sample you are requesting.

Most of the free samples that I sign up for want this type of information. If they want more I tend to not do them. Some require that you register with them with a password. Some want you to sign up for their newsletter. Some have that option and I usually don't check the box for the newsletter unless I am interested in it. For the samples that require me to sign up for their newsletter, I do give them my email address but as soon as I get the free sample I tend to unsubscribe to the newsletter unless I found it interesting and wanted to continue receiving it.

I have noticed that companies now are using Facebook to have you sign up for them. So if you don't have a Facebook you may want to get one but that is completely up to you. I made an account that I actually use so it works for me. However, some want you to allow you to accept their application to sign up for the sample and if you don't feel comfortable doing that then that's okay too.

Now I may post about offers I didn't sign up for and I'll inform you if I have not. I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was a sample you may be interested in. As I get more along in this blog I'll post more information about offers that may not be free but I found of interest. Of course you don't have to sign up for anything you don't want. I'm just showing you what's out there that companies are giving away for free so you can try them out and see if you'd be interested in actually buying their product.

Enjoy looking around and if you have questions or comments please don't hesitate to do that. Have fun!

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