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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Grey Poupon Recipe Booklet - Call In

I got an envelope from Kraft Foods and wondered what it was. When I opened it up there were sheets of paper with recipes written on them. I realized it was this offer. I wasn't exactly thrilled to just get pieces of paper with recipes typed on them and not a booklet. There are no pictures just words. It's a total of ten recipes. This offer also came with a letter from Kraft Foods. This was originally posted on September 12th.

When I read this was a call in offer that kind of scared me as calling people makes me nervous. So when I heard that this was an automated call in that sort of made me feel better. When I called the number I heard an automated voice of a man with an English accent. He'll first ask if you got a touch tone phone or a rotary phone. Since most people now use a touch tone (I did) I'll tell you how the process went. The man tells you to input your zip code. You then hear a women's voice repeat it back to you and then you verify if it is correct. Then you are told to tell them your name and mailing address. I did this but I forgot what I was supposed to do to tell them I was done with that so I entered the # sign and got an error which led me to the final step where you type in your phone number in case there is a problem with your order. They repeat this back to you to make sure it is correct. Those are the steps you need to take to get your free Grey Poupon Recipe Booklet.

You can get a Grey Poupon recipe booklet just by calling 1-888-476-8766. It is fully automated. So be brave for me and call it to get your recipe booklet.

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