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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reviews: IdeaPaint

I'm a member of BzzAgent and one of the activities to be a member is give your opinion on products/services (they discontinued this part of BzzAgent). One of my choices was to go to the IdeaPaint website and give my opinion as to what I thought of this product. Here is what I wrote:

"The product is a very interesting idea. I never have seen anything like it. While it sounds like it would be handy I have some concerns with it. First, for kids, you need to remind them that only certain surfaces can be colored on. Otherwise they'll think they can color on any surface. Plus only dry erase markers will work on it. Second, what about surfaces that is not smooth? Are they easy to clean and color on? The idea is original and creative. I'd have to try it out at home to know if it's a product for me. Oh, and I loved how they are going to send me a free sample to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by that."

I did order the free sample. They even sent me an email confirming my order. Here is the email they sent me.

"Greetings from IdeaPaint,
Please confirm that you wish to receive a sample postcard with IdeaPaint painted on the back. This 4x6 inch postcard showcases IdeaPaint’s flexibility and durability. Let me know and I will get one sent your way.
Kind Regards,
David Penn
Sales Consultant"

I then did confirm.

After I found out it is going to be a 4X6 postcard size sample I was a little disappointed. However, the sample could be used as something for kids to color on with dry erase markers in the car. So it may be useful after all.

Final Update: My sample of this came in the mail today (October 1st). By the way, two days ago I received an email from them asking for my opinion on the sample so I replied back and told them it had not arrived yet. Well, I'll say it is a 4 X 6 postcard. It looks to have their product on it. It is shiny and sort of smooth like a glossy photo. Even though this was originally posted on August 6th, I actually ordered it sometime around July 10th.

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