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Monday, March 21, 2016

Loyalty Programs: Old Orchard Fan Club

Old Orchard currently has a 300 points quiz for you to take.  Just look for the email with the subject "(Your username) Mix up the Madness with a BOGO Coupon!".   The quiz is about basketball and is about 10 questions and it's ok to get them wrong.  Of course when I completed it, it errored out at the end so I sent them an email about it.  Also don't forget you can play their fun games and earn 10 points every hour!

There are also some money saving coupons for you to print out.  Go here to check them out.  

Here is another club you can join to earn points to claim rewards. Old Orchard fan club. I just signed up and already have 1410 points. That's 1000 points for registering, 100 points each for subscribing to Juicy Detail Newsletter, Reward Alerts, and Promotion Alerts. Here are some example f the rewards you can claim: free product coupons, apparel/gear and donations. You can also earn rewards points for: Sync Facebook Account 100 points, Submit a Question (weekly), Share a Recipe (weekly), and Play Online Game 10 points (hourly).

So click here if you'd like to join the Old Orchard Fan Club.

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