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Monday, December 19, 2011

Off Topic: COVERGIRL 50th Anniversary on Facebook

The MyCOVERGIRL promotion has now ended.
Come join me in some fun the rest of this year in celebrating COVERGIRL's 50th Anniversary. Just "like" their fanpage on Facebook to join the program. I joined in January and made a fun COVERGIRL ad. That's me in my ad to the left. The February activity was to send virtual candy hearts to family and friends. I sent one to Free Sample Momma telling her thanks for being a good friend. March's activity is helping COVERGIRL create their next mascara by taking a simple survey and afterward you get to see the results of how others voted.

Each month they will have a new activity to do and each time you complete an activity you gain a badge. The April activity is to create a desktop wallpaper design. Mine is the pink design pictured above. The May activity is to create a spring flower bouquet inspired by the COVERGIRL Blast Collection. The picture above is the one I created. The June activity is to play the matching game and uncover four new COVERGIRL products. It's a fun memory game that's pretty easy to do. The July activity is just a survey about eyeshadow. You get to see the results after you complete it too. The August activity is you pick which COVERGIRL eye product is YOUR #1 and what you want to see next. The September activity is you get to create a scrapbook filled with pictures that you on your Facebook account. Mine turned out to be mostly of me, my cat and of red tulips. The October activity is a simple survey about your lip color. After you complete the survey you'll be able to see the results. The November activity is to create a wish list of the items they present to you. You get to choose ten of them. The last activity for the My CoverGirl this year is to match 10 looks and you could win a free Blast Flipstick Lipcolor. It's basically a memory game. I had a hard time with it because the squares were a little hard to see.

Here are the benefits of joining MyCOVERGIRL:

Special prizes with their Celebrity COVERGIRLs
CURRENT PRIZE: You could win a chance to go on tour with Taylor Swift!

Free product giveaways
Each month they are giving away 1,000 FREE full-sized products.

Videos, badges, and more!
Create a COVERGIRL ad, get exclusive badges, and help shape the next generation of COVERGIRL through polls, quizzes, and more.

So far I've liked it and it's been fun.

NOTE: I'm writing this post because I'm a BzzAgent on the COVERGIRL 50th Anniversary. If you'd like to be a BzzAgent then join here to have a chance to be invited to fun campaigns like this one. These pictures in this post are all the actives I have completed for a particular month.

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