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Monday, December 19, 2011

Reviews: Private Selection Frozen Foods

Last month I got invited to the Private Selection Frozen Foods BzzCampaign as I am a member of BzzAgent. I accepted and in the BzzKit they sent me where the following items (Pictured to the left):
BzzAgent letter
Private Selctions Frozen Foods BzzGuide
Coupons for a free Private Selection frozen Appetizer, Pizza and Dessert
(5) $2 off any one Private Selection Appetizer, Pizza or Dessert (excluding Ice Cream)
A Private Selection Oven Mitt

I went to my Fred Meyer as this is a brand exclusively available in the Kroger family of stores and choose the Mediterranean-Inspired Hors D'Oeurves Collection as my appetizer, Barbeque Chicken for the pizza, and Mini Eclairs for the dessert.

What I loved about all of the Private Selection product I was able to try is that they are all very easy to prepare. Just open the box and place them in the oven to be heated. Then take them out of the even and enjoy! Now that's my kind of cooking.

The Private Selection Mediterranean-Inspired Hors D'Oeurves Collection has three different appetizers: Spinach Pesto Puff, Mushroom Phyllo Triangle, and Feta-sundried Tomato Phyllo Roll. All three had a nice flaky outer shell with interesting flavors inside. Each one has a different shape which I liked. Of all three of them my husband and I both enjoyed the Mushroom Phyllo Triangle the best. The other two were just alright.

The Private Selection Barbeque Chicken Marble Hearth Baked Pizza was in the shape of an oval which I found to be different. This pizza has a thin and flaky crust topped with thick, sweet and zesty barbeque sauce, seasoned white meat chicken, hardwood smoken bacon, roasted red onion, mozzarella, white cheddar, and parsley. We both thought it tasted alright. I am not a fan of thin crust pizzas so I didn't really care for the crust. In fact, I found the edges of the pizza to be too crunchy for me. It was mildly spicy which I found to be ok. I did enjoy the chicken in the pizza.

The Private Selection Mini Eclairs were fun to eat. These bite-sized eclairs are made with traditional pastry and custard filling. I loved their cute shape and thought they would be a nice treat to have after a meal. Since they are small they are good for portion control. I thought they tasted very yummy but cold. I didn't have the patients to wait until they thawed to eat them. My husband on the other hand actually enjoyed them frozen.

NOTE: I was given what was shown and stated above from Bzzagent to help write this review as I'm a member of BzzAgent. The opinions in this review are mine.

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