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Friday, February 17, 2012

Off Topic: Recyclebank - Take Green Actions and Be Rewarded

I post about Recyclebank and ways you can earn points to add to your account but you may not understand what this program is about that I'm sharing with you. Well, Recyclebank is a site where you can learn to take everyday green actions, get rewarded and save, and feel good from doing good.

Take Everyday Green Actions.
There are lots of ways to earn points, like using less water or making a greener purchase.

Get Rewarded And Save.

Turn points into discounts on groceries, a night out or hundred of other perks.

Feel Good From Doing Good.
Tell your friends how much you've learned and saved!

I enjoy being a member of Recyclebank. I learn new ways to be green and also how companies are being green as well. Then from doing easy actions I earn points which I can then use to redeem for some rewards. So far I have redeemed my points for coupons for Clif bars, Purina Cat food, and a gift card to Baby's R Us.

If you are interested in joining Recyclebank you can sign up here. Once you are member go see my post here to start earning points!

NOTE: this links in this post except for the very last one are all my referral links.

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