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Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviews: Dry Idea Advanced Dry

I am a member of Purex Insiders and got the opportunity to try out Dry Idea Advanced Dry.  They sent me Dry Idea Advanced Dry Roll-On Deodorant in Powder Fresh (3.25 fl oz).

Dry Idea Advanced Dry comes in three forms: roll-on, clear gel, and invisible solid.  All the forms have similar features but are also unique in their own way too.  Here are the features of each form.

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Roll-On
- 24 Hour Protection
- Fast drying MicroCotton Formula
- Hypo-allergenic
- Contains Vitamin E
- Available in 3.25 fl oz in the following scents: Unscented, Powder Fresh, and Cotton Dry

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Clear Gel
- 24 Hour Protection
- Goes on Clear
- Extra Effective - all day
- Hypo-allergenic
- Available in 3.0 oz in the following scents: Unscented and Powder Fresh.

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Invisible Solid
- 48 Hour Protection*
- Clinical Level Wetness Protection
- Hypo-allergenic
- Available in 2.6 oz in the following scents: Unscented, Powder Fresh, and Cool Burst w/Air Conditioning Effect

For this review I will be focusing on the Dry idea Advanced Dry Roll-On as that is what I tried out.  First, I have never really tried a roll-on deodorant before.  I may have a long time ago when I was a teen but I don't really remember what the experience was like.  As you may know a roll-on deodorant is actually a liquid that you have to shake and then apply it on as a ball covered in the deodorant formula rolls against your skin.  Since it's a liquid you would think that it would be wet and possibly run down your skin.  Well, when I applied it on the liquid stayed on my skin and actually dried rather quickly due to it's fast drying MicroCotton Formula.  The only thing I didn't like about applying it on my skin is the feel of the sides of the container as I rolled it on my skin. It didn't irritate my skin but I didn't like the way it felt as I applied the deodorant.  The scent I was given was Powder Fresh.  I'll say right now that I am not a fan of scents that smell like powder.  I just don't care for them and for that reason I didn't like the scent of this deodorant.  However, the scent was lite and not over powering which helped.  This way I can enjoy my own fragrance instead of the powder scent of the deodorant.  The Dry Idea Advance Dry gives 24 hours worth of protection.  When I wore it I felt dry and didn't smell.  I did like Dry Idea Advanced Dry but I probably would try the roll on in unscented or Cotton Dry, or the Invisible Solid in Cool Burst w/ Air Conditioner Effect as that sounds really interesting to me.

To learn more about Dry Idea Advanced Dry you can go to the Dry Idea website and "like" Dry Idea on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Purex Insiders and was given a 3.25 fl oz bottle of Dry Idea Advanced Dry roll-on in Powder Fresh and three free product coupons to help me with this review and giveaway.  All of the opinions in this post are my own and not influenced in any way.  My experience may be different than yours when using the product.  

*Protects 48 hours from odor, 24 hours from wetness