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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reviews: Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate Sunny Day

Ecover is a Belgium-based company that manufactures ecologically sound cleaning products that are made from plant-based and mineral ingredients.  Ecover has four product categories: dishwashing, household, ZERO, and Laundry.  I got to try out the Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate Sunny Day.

Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate Sunny Day is tough on dirt yet is gentle on your families skin with a subtle scent of summer.  The concentrated formula means more loads for less packaging and less trucks to deliver.  The 2.5X conentrated HE formula is not tested on animals and is suitable for septic tanks.

So what did I think of Ecover Laundry Liquid Sunny Day?  Well, I had mixed feelings of it.  I loved how the bottle is clear so I can see how much of the product I have left before I need to buy more.  By the way, the bottle is 100% PlantPlastic and made from sugarcane rather than corn or petrochemical-basic platic so it's 100% recycleable and 100% renewable which I liked.  What I didn't like about the bottle itself is that the cap is designed for a HE-machine with a medium load.  So if you don't have an HE-machine or run larger or heavily solied loads you'll have to add another half cup of the detergent which I didn't care for.  I did enjoy the Sunny Day scent.  However, it was rather mild and I prefer a stonger scent added to my clothes.  As for how it cleaned my clothes, well because I didn't actually add the proper amount of detergent to the loads it didn't clean my whites as well as I'd hoped it would.  However, it cleaned all the other loads just fine which was nice.  I'll continue to use this on all my loads of laundry except for the whites.  Plus I think it's a great product to use on my gentle clothes.

If you would like to learn more about Ecover you can check out the Ecover website, "like" EcoverUS on Facebook, and follow EcoverUS on Twitter.  Also check out Ecover's product promotions while you are visiting their website.

Disclaimer: I am a Naturally Savvy Approved Blogger who received the Ecover Laundry Liquid Sunny Day (51 fl oz) to help me write this review.  All of the above opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with this product may be different than mine.


  1. Thanks for trying Ecover's ecological Laundry Liquid Concentrate. We're so glad to hear that when you used it correctly, it got your clothes clean. We appreciate you taking the time to test the product and to share your thoughts. Enjoy those clean, chemical-free clothes!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Thanks for letting me try your product through the Naturally Savvy Approved Blogger program.

  2. Nancy,
    What will you use for your whites?
    Thanks for the review!