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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reviews: Sheila G's - The Original Brownie Brittle Company

Do you love the crispy crunchy edges of a rich gourmet brownie? Then you owe it to yourself to try the Award-Winning Brownie Brittle snacks made by the Sheila G's The Original Brownie Brittle Company.  Brownie Brittle is named as a hot item by for only 120 calories/ounce.  Brownie Brittle snacks are peanut-free, certified-Kosher, made with natural ingredients.  They were named Best New Snack Product of the year by the National Confectionery Sales Association and won the Editor's Choice Awards for both the Gourmet Retailer and Progressive Grocer sections.  It's even one of Oprah's 7 Fabulous Finds.  No more fighting for that corner piece with Brownie Brittle snacks!

So is the Brownie Brittle by Sheila G's The Original Brownie Brittle Company as good as they all claim it to be?  I will say it's really a matter of personal taste.  While I do love how it tastes exactly like a brownie, I found it rather crunchy and crispy (just like brittle is suppose to be).  I'm not the biggest fan of brittle.  I also am not the biggest fan of the corner pieces of brownies.  The flavor of the chocolate is really good and not too rich.  I liked the chocolate chips inside of the brownie brittle.  I found that the pieces broke a little too easily and that there was a lot of crumbs found at the bottom of the bag.  I ended up just adding them to milk in a blender.  I'll say, if given the choice between a real brownie and Brownie Brittle, I'll take the brownie any day even though this product tastes good.

If you'd like to learn more about Sheila G's Brownie Brittle you can visit the Sheila G's The Original Brownie Brittle Company website.  Plus also check out their social pages:

Disclaimer: I received a package of Sheila G's The Original Brownie Brittle Company Chocolate Chip (4 oz) along with a $0.50 off coupon from Swaggable.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with this product may be different than mine.

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