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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reviews: Kellogg's Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites

With all that you do throughout the day, sometimes you should take a step back and soak up a little me-time. Actually, you deserve it. And when it’s time to treat yourself, we can’t think of anything better than indulging in a tasty treat as you enjoy a few moments of staycation.

Treat yourself right while staying on track with the new Kellogg's Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites. They’re the perfect size for those moments that call for a little treat. So the question isn’t should you indulge, but how will you do it?

Kellogg's Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites come in two flavors: Caramel Pretzel Bliss and Dreamy Coconut.  Take some time to enjoy a Caramel Pretzel Bliss when you crunch on deliciously salty pretzels drizzled in rich, creamy caramel.  Or how about taking a quick tropical trip when you bite into a Dreamy Coconut with it's delightful twist of coconut and deep, dark chocolate.

When I signed up for the Kellogg's Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites BzzCampaign I was really excited as I was really curious as to how these would taste.  However, I was a little disappointed when the package arrived as I was expecting two full size boxes.  Instead I received two of each flavor.  I was rather curious to see if these only would last for three bites.  Well for the most part they did.  You can get a fourth if the bite is really small.  However, I'm sure that some people could eat this snack in just one big bite as they are really tiny.  Each bite is 0.56 oz.  As for the two flavors, I couldn't really decide which I liked more.  I liked them almost equally and probably preferred the Coconut Dream over the Caramel Pretzel Bliss because I'm not a fan of pretzels and like coconut.  I found that the bars were a little messy to eat and that they broke apart somewhat easily.  I liked how they tasted and the texture of each bar.  I was actually glad that the pretzel flavor of the Caramel Pretzel Bliss wasn't too strong for me to enjoy it.  The Coconut Dream's coconut flavor was much more noticeable to me which I really liked.  I also liked the dark chocolate drizzle of the Coconut Dream.  I will admit, that you need to have self control on this little snack because they don't last very long and you may end up eating more than just one.  Let's just say these four little bites didn't last very long around me.  So I'm glad that one snack bite has only 70 calories*.

If you'd like to learn more about Kellogg's Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites and all of the other products Special K makes you can visit the Special K website"like" Special K on Facebook, and follow Special K on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and was given a Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites BzzKit ((2 of each bar) Special K Indulgent Snack Bites Caramel Pretzel Bliss and Dreamy Coconut and (5) $1 off coupons) to help me write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with the product may be different than mine.

*Since I was only given the wrapper that these snack bites came in, I was not able to learn more about the nutritional information of these bites nor it's ingredients.  I only know that they contain wheat, milk, and soy ingredients.  Also the wrapper doesn't even state that there are 70 calories on it.  So I'm basing that on the information that BzzAgent gave me.  Luckily you can find this information on Special K's website.

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