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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reviews: InStyler Plus 30% Discount - #RSVPinStyler #gotitfree

InStyler has created three new styling tools for your hair.  They are the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, and the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro.

I received an invitation to apply to the Vocalpoint InStyler blogger program.  Since I had long hair and didn't really know what to do with it I thought I'd apply and see if I could learn how to style my hair with the InStyler hair styling tools.  So I decided to apply.  I felt very lucky to have been accepted to the program.  The package arrived last week and decided to try out the InStyler 2-Way Rotating Iron first.  However, I couldn't really figure it out that well and when I used it, it didn't look like the styler did anything to my hair.  So I decided to try out the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler and let the curler take over and curl my hair.  Boy was I in for a rude awakening.  After reading the instructions and watching the video on their website they made this tool look so easy to use.  I tried to do what they did and got the first two strands of my hair to curl.  It seemed to go well.  Sadly on the third strand that's when I had issues.  Somehow my hair got stuck and tangled.  I couldn't get my hair out of the styler.  I got so frustrated that I decided to cut that strand of my hair.  Now I had to figure out how to get that strand of hair out of the styler.  I turned off the tool to let it cool.  Eventually I got most of my hair out of the styler.  From the looks of it, my hair somehow managed to curl under the barrel and would not go loose.  It probably didn't help that in my frustrated state I turned the curl button a couple times either.  Later that day I looked so funny with that one strand all sticking out that it made me self conscious about how my hair looked.  So I called the hair stylist and decided it was time to finally get my hair cut!  Something I really wanted to do with my hair for a long time.  Below is how long my hair was before I cut my hair and how short I decided to have it cut.  I love how short it is by the way, and I am so happy I got it cut.  After the holiday I decided to give the InStyler tools one more try on my hair and they sort of did a better job, especially the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler.  This time around I actually enjoyed using it and will probably use it more often!

                                              Before the hair cut.                                              After the hair cut.

The InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is used to straighten, add volume, shine, and control frizz.  The 2-way heated rotating barrel smooths and polishes as it styles.  The black tourmaline ceramic plate smooths without crushing, flattening or damaging hair.  The ionic bristles separate the hair and emit negative ions to close the cuticle, locking in moisture and creating healthy, shiny hair.  Just wrap hair around the barrel to create beachy waves and texture.  There are four heat setting up to 425℉. 
The InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is for all hair types and textures.  However, it is most transformative for thick and curly hair.  The InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron comes in two sizes: 1 1/4" barrel (good for chin length or longer hair) and 3/4" barrel (good for short hair, styling bangs, and straightening closer to the roots). 

The InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron was the first styling tool I tried out. I opened the package the tool came in and above is all that comes with the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron.  I liked how it comes with a removable cool tip and thermal guard to help protect you from the heat of the tool while you are using it.  Using the styler the second time around I still didn't really see any results.  Below is what my hair looks like after I tried using the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron the second time around.  As you can see, it didn't do much to my hair.  By the way, there is one issue I have with the styler.  This is that once you squeeze the styler together the barrel starts to rotate on it's own.  I do wish that you can practice the tool without the heat on to get used to the rotating barrel.  I think this would be helpful.

The InStyler TULIP Auto Curler is great for soft curls, beachy waves and striking tight curls.  It's open ceramic barrel is designed with anti-tangle technology.  There is a safety guard for burn-free styling.  The curler has 2-way rotation with three rotation setting to curl left, curl right, or alternate.  There are three heat setting that range from 350℉ to 430℉ to accommodate all hair types.  There are three timer settings to achieve a variety of looks: beachy waves, soft curls, and tight striking curls.

The InStyler TULIP Auto Curler is good with naturally straight / wavy hair with thin / medium texture.  It can also be used with naturally curly hair but that hair must be blown straight prior to use.

The second tool I tried for the second time was the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler.  I was a little hesitant because of the first time around with it.  Above is all that came with the styler.  The tool comes with a Sectioning Petal to help show you the maximum amount of hair to put in the styler.  I used it as a guide but ended up not really using it.  I think with the shorter hair I felt I had easier control while curling my hair.  I liked how the barrel is surrounded by a thermal guard to help protect you from the heat.  This gave me confidence when using the styler so close to my head.  Once you push the button to make the styler's barrel rotate to curl the hair it'll pull the hair up and if you have short hair (like I do) it'll still continue to rotate as if you actually had long hair.  By the way, when I did use this on my long hair it still rotated even after it had pulled up all of my hair.  So it'll even curl really long hair.  The InStyler TULIP Auto Curler will start to beep and continue to do so to let you know that it's working.  When the set time has passed it'll do three quick beeps and this will let you know that you can pull straight down to release your hair from the barrel.  As I said above, I did like using this styler after I figured it out and had my hair cut.  Below is how well it did in curling my hair.  I think it did a nice job.  It gave my hair more body which I liked.  The major issue I had with the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler (besides getting my hair tangled below the barrel of it) was that I wish that you can practice the styler without the heat on to get used to the rotating barrel.  I think this would be helpful.  Especially when you are first learning how to use the styler.

The InStyler Ionic Styler Pro is a hot brush for smoothing and a ceramic flat iron for straightening all-in-one.  Use the styler open (unlocked) as a flat iron and closed (locked) to use it as a hot brush to smooth hair and create volume at the roots.  The cool touch ionic bristles add shine and allow you to style hair without burning.

The flat iron part of the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro is good for all hair lengths and naturally straight, wavy or curly hair.  The hot brush works best on medium / short length hair and medium / fine texture.  Use this styler to create beachy waves for short to medium length hair.

I never got a chance to use the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro on my long hair as I had it cut before I tried it out.  I also only tried this styler once compared to the other two tools.  The picture to the left is all that came in the package for this styler.  I like how it comes with a bag for storing the styler and easy transport.  I like how this styler has cool touch ionic bristles to protect you from the heat when it is in the locked position.  I first decided to try the flat iron part of this styler and it really straightened the ends of my hair.  The first picture below shows how it straightened the ends of my hair in the front.  I then tried the hot brush after I used the flat iron so I felt it was a little harder to curl the ends.  I didn't really see much results and all it really did was sort of curl the bottom layers of my hair.  I then decided to try and unlocked the styler and use it like a curling iron.  This sort of worked a little.  The second photo below is after I tried to use the hot brush.  I didn't really have any issues with this styler but more practice would help in curling my hair.

                                              Using the flat iron.                                              Using the hot brush.

After using all three styling tool, I think the one that gave me the most trouble originally will probably be my favorite one to use.  I like how the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler grabs the hair to curl and then lets you know when the curl is set.  It just makes it so easy to style my hair.

If you'd like to learn more about the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, and the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro you can visit the InStyler website. You can also check out their social pages.
InStyler - Twitter and Instagram
Vocalpoint - Twitter and Instagram

If you are interested in purchasing an InStyler styling tool you can go here and enter the code SAVE30 for a 30% discount on the line of InStyler tools. The code is good for the purchase of 2 tools through 1/31/15. 

Disclaimer: I received the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, and the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro from the Vocalpoint InStyler program to help me write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with these products may be different than mine (especially the part about having my hair cut).  Please note that some of the links in this post are my affiliate links.

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