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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Points: Pampers Gifts to Grow Program

Click here for 10 points.  Click on the "i" and then the link in that to earn those ten points.

"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.

FB6SUMMERTIME16 for 10 points.
TWJE245SUMMER16 for 5 points.  Both codes expire on June 30th.

Click here for 10 points.  It's called Letter to Baby Video Bonus.

Go here and click the "i" on the upper right of the video where a link to earn ten points will appear. 

"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.
"I've read it." for 10 points.

After logging into your account, go here (20 points), here (10 points), here (20 points (had to relog in)), here (15 points), and here (50 points).

Just login or register here
This isn't a free offer which is why I titled it as off topic. However, it is something I signed up for. The sites I check on a regular basis sometimes post codes for the Gift to Grow program.
"Membership is FREE, plus you’ll be enrolled in our Gifts to Grow Rewards program. Earn points towards educational toys, books, and more with each package of Pampers diapers, pants, and wipes you buy."

Sadly this reward is not available to request anymore.  However, I hope they offer it again.
On June 17th, the Procter and Gamble Sample Baskets arrived that I requested on May 31st.  I was very excited to receive this to see if this reward was worth the 400 points that it is needed to request it.  I will say I am happy with my reward.  Below in pink is what is stated that you'll receive in this basket.  In green is the extra info that I added after I received it.    They were also very kind and added an extra of both the Head & Shoulders samples and three more of the Dawn samples.  I thought that was very nice of them to do.  Each basket is worth 400 points and since I requested five of them I spent a total of 2,000 points.  That is almost all I have collected since I had joined.   

- Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners - Doesn't state Radiant Incredibly Thin but it does look to be of that collection.  Mine actually stated Always Xtra Protection with Avec Odor-Lock Daily Liners.  This was a ten count package which I thought was very nice since I was expecting a sample size of just one or two.
- Puffs Ultra Strong & Soft - This is a ten count package (2-ply 8.0 in X 8.0 in).
- Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths - The package says 2-in-1 instead of the 4.  It's one cloth (4.1 in X 7.8 in) for combination/oily skin.
- Olay Regenerist - This is a sample of the Wrinkle Revolution Complex (0.23 fl oz).
- Downy UNSTOPABLES - This is the in-wash Scent Booster in Fresh.  It's good for one load.
- Secret Light & Fresh Clinical - This is the Advanced Strength Solid in that scent (0.5 oz).
- Dawn Power Clean - This Dishwashing LIquid came in the Refreshing Rain Scent.  It does not state the sample size but it's probably about 0.33 fl oz based on it's size.
- Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance - This is the 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo + conditioner for men (0.33 fl oz). 
- Head and Shoulders Active Sport - This is the 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo + conditioner for men (0.33 fl oz).  

Here are some codes that may still be active.
VC9AVLL312KNF15 (25 points)
BABIESR89090915 (10 points)
FBS38KBA39BA416 for 10 points.

Master List from SlickDeals.  (So I can remove expired codes)


  1. Thanks for another 10 points.

  2. I can not find those samples on their website.

    1. This was a reward which it looks like they are not offering at this time. I updated the post to reflect that.

  3. FB98CCNCKLP5515 - 10 points - expiration 4/10/15

    TWIT78C99QWHP15 - 5 points - expiration 4/10/15

    Eating for Two Article - 10 points - - Click "I read it"

    Newborn Care Tips - 10 points - Click "I read it"