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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Reviews: Chobani Greek Yogurt

Always delicious and always made with only natural ingredients, Chobani offers Greek yogurt made the right way, for any occasion. Chobani Greek Yogurt comes in the varieties you love, as well as an ever-changing array of new flavors. Chobani Simply 100 is the first and only 100-calorie yogurt made with only natural ingredients, while Chobani Flip is part mix-ins, part yogurt and pure fun. And for the tiny yogurt lovers among us, there’s those on-the-go, all-natural Chobani Kids Pouches. That’s just part of the Chobani family, and that should cover just about everyone in your family. So, where does Chobani fall into your day?

I've purchased Chobani Greek Yogurt in the past many times mainly for my husband who likes Greek yogurt.  I however, am not one to usually like Greek yogurt so I just let him enjoy this yogurt.  Until that is when BzzAgent invited me to try out Chobani Greek Yogurt and share my opinions with others about it.  The first time I tried these I decided to get the Chobani Greek Yogurt and Chobani Simply 100 in the same flavor so I could do a side by side comparison of the yogurts.  So I tried them in the peach flavor.  First, I used to not like yogurts where the fruit was at the bottom because you had to stir them and for some reason I didn't care for that.  So that is the first thing I noticed about the Chobani Greek Yogurt.  However, even the Chobani Flip is the same in it's own way.  The Chobani Greek Yogurt had a decent taste for Greek yogurts.  I did like the real fruit pieces of the peaches.  Now the Chobani Simply 100 Yogurt you didn't have to stir, I liked that!  However, it seemed to have less fruit pieces which I missed.  This one only tasted alright.  So for the side by side comparison, I preferred the Chobani Greek Yogurt because it tasted better (much sweeter) to me and I liked that it had more fruit pieces in it even though you had to stir the yogurt.  The Chobani Flip Yogurt was probably my favorite of all the Chobani yogurts.  They just tasted better.  I loved the mix-ins that you have to stir in to give the yogurt a lot of textures and more flavor.  Plus they usually have pieces of chocolate in them which I really loved!  Chobani Kids Pouches are fun to eat in their own way.  The caps are easy to remove but to me the yogurt was a little hard to get out of the pouches.  I also should of squeezed the pouches before opening to mix the yogurt a little more so you wouldn't have that extra liquid that's usually in yogurts.  The yogurt is also creamy and thick which is why they were a little hard to get out of the pouch.  Chobani makes even more varieties than these four and I do look forward to trying each one out as I really liked the Chobani Greek Yogurts that I got to try out.

If you'd like to learn more about Chobani Greek Yogurt and all of the other products Chobani makes you can visit the Chobani website.  Plus also check out their social pages:

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and was given a free product coupon for Chobani Greek Yogurt, Chobani Simply 100, Chobani Flip, and Chobani Kids pouch to help me write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with the product may be different than mine.

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