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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PINCHme - Free Samples Every Month

Wow, so cool!  I logged into my PINCHme account and the samples pictured above were available for me to select!  Go log into your account to see if you have samples that may be available for you to select too. 

I have been a member of PINCHme since October 29, 2013.  So why have I not written about them yet?  Well for one, when I first heard about this program I was really excited and quickly signed up only to learn that they would not ship samples to Alaska which where I was living at the time.  This upset me so I decided not to post about them because I didn't have first hand experience with them and I thought it wasn't all that fair.  So when I moved back to the lower 48 this past summer I was really excited to finally get a chance to sign up for free samples from PINCHme.  Sadly, I was quickly disappointed.  For some reason I couldn't log in unless I connected my account with Facebook which I didn't want to do at the time.  However, I finally did just to see if I could get any free samples.  I did manage to sign up for some on July 14th.  I was also told that if you fill out your whole profile the samples would be more tailored to you.  So I tried this but with no such luck.  I could not update my profile at all.  I emailed them about this issue and they couldn't help me out at first.  A few months passed and I finally got a customer representative that could finally help me out!  This person told me that since my mailing address on Facebook was still saying I lived in Alaska and that they don't send samples there that my profile could not be updated.  I found this really odd.  I guess when I originally signed up I connected my account with Facebook or they were taking this info when I connected my account that summer just so I could log in.  None the less I found this really weird and didn't like it.  However, I did go ahead and updated my account on Facebook with my current mailing address and when I did that I was able to fix all of the issues I was having with my account (set up new password, fixed my birthdate (odd it wasn't correct), and updated my whole profile).

Now I have been a member of profile who is now receiving samples since last summer and my opinion of them is starting to slowly turn around.  Which is why I finally decided to post about PINCHme.  So what exactly is PINCHme you ask?  Well PINCHme lets you sign up for a few samples to try out for free based on your profile and then give your feedback on each of the samples.  They used to offer a lot of samples and it was based on a first come first serve type of deal.  That means the sooner you signed up the more samples you were able to get and if you were late there would be barely anything for you if any at all.  On sample day the site would run super slow and error out a lot as well.  I only really got to experience this the first time I was able to sign up for samples in July.  Every month they offer samples but you may not qualify for any.  At least that's what happened to me for the months of August - October.  Then when I was able to sign up for samples in November they changed how samples were given a little.  Now you can only order two samples and a specialty sample.  Plus they may add a bonus sample to your order as well.  The site seems to run much smoothly as well.  It is rarely slow for me and does not error out either.  I have been able to order a total of seven boxes each with a few samples in them.  So far I have received three of them and one of them never showed up but it was just a free product coupon.  I am currently waiting on three more boxes but two of them I just ordered today because of how they broke down my current order which I thought was odd.  The two pictures above are the first two boxes I received from PINCHme.

So now that you know about PINCHme and my experience with them, you can decide if you'd like to sign up for PINCHme or not.  If you are, today they are offering free samples as they seem to do it the second Tuesday of each month at around noon ET/9AM PT.  I was offered a total of four samples: Muse Natural Cat Food, Well at Walgreens Perfection Silk Plastic Tampons, Truvía Natural Sweetener (bonus sample), and Sundown Naturals Co Q10 Gummy Vitamins (specialty sample).  So just go here and sign up for a free PINCHme account so that you can request free samples each month too.

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