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Friday, August 26, 2016

Off Topic: Why I'm Posting So Much On Swagbucks And Nothing More

Ok, so you may be wondering why I'm posting so much on Swagbucks and nothing more since last May.  Well the reason is because I am a member of the Swagbucks Influencer program.  In this program they encourage me to share about Swagbucks.  In return for each post that I write and share with you all I receive 500 SB and sometimes 1,000 SB.  This is one of the reasons I share these posts.  However, I also am a member and was real active until the end of May when my access to the internet became very limited.  Now I rarely do much on it but may start up a little at a time once my life settles down. 

I may not share much else but instead may just write a short post about whatever I may feel at the time.  Kind of like a little journal.  Not a personal journal per say but it could be just about random thoughts that are going through my head.  I wish I could share more but I don't feel like sharing all that has been going on in my life at this time, maybe later if I feel up to it.  Also if I do post there may not be much in the way as pictures or links and just words.  I know that is not as exciting and more boring but that's how it's got to be right now.  Sorry.  I do enjoy blogging and am still trying to sign up for free samples but can't seem to do it as much as I'd like.  I also had to stop taking surveys as well which has saddened me much.  I may post about the sites I'm a member of and how they respond when you email them and tell them that you want to take a temporary leave from their site.  As that has been what a lot of my time on the internet has been for the past two weeks.

You may also notice that my grammar and how I write may be different.  I'm not the best writer and my thoughts jump around a lot.  I start in one spot and quickly jump subjects to another and if you don't really know me as a person you will be terribly lost in what I was referring to.  Anyway, I hope this new temporary style of how I blog does not make you want to not continue to follow me but that is how it has to be for a little while and I'm not even sure how long that little while will be.

I thank you for following this blog thus far and I hope that you will stay and continue to enjoy it.  If you would like to leave any comments that would be nice of you. 

Thank you, Nancy Reese

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