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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Off Topic: Loss of Followers and It's Okay

So I realize that since I'm not posting about free samples and product reviews like I used to the number of followers that I have will decline.  Does this bother me?  It does to a degree, yes.  However, I can't satisfy everyone.  I can only satisfy only a few probably. 

You may question, why do you continue to do this if you can't post what you used to share about in the past.  Well, it's because I still enjoy it even though I can share about what I really like.  I still enjoy writing.  Plus it gives me an outlet to express myself in a way.  It would be nice to make friends on here with people with similar interests as I do but that hasn't really happened to much either.  I have made some friends on this journey but only a couple that I keep in contact with still. 

I think even if the followers drop that only the ones that truly care about me will stick around to support me.  To me that matters the most then a huge following a people who don't really care about me.  This will more likely be an outlet for me to express myself to a degree.  I hope you don't mind this. 

So if the number of Facebook fans or other followers from the other social sites that I belong to drops I shouldn't be too sad and worry about it so much.  The people who love and care about me is what really matters to me.  No matter how small that number shall be. Thank you for caring about me.

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