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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Off Topic: Going on Vacation

I believe I have posted all the offers that I had listed on this site. The following is a list of the other samples in the pictures below that I received but the offers have now expired. (Sorry this post is long. Also I'm sorry for not posting anything new this past week. I'll start posting new offers hopefully tomorrow as I am done listing all the stuff I received when I was on vacation.)

1. A pair of PowerSox Coolmax socks. I requested these in September. While I was on vacation I saw this promotion going on again but didn't request them as the promotion was already expired. It is possible this offer could come again. They only give out 3,000 socks.
2. Three-Week sample (.75 Fl. Oz.) of StriVectin-SD and postcard. I requested this in August. I was going to post it as it gave an expiration date but all the samples were fullfilled before then.
3. Nature's Path Sweet & Salty Peanut Choco Chewy Granola Bar. This came in a triangle prism package with a $1 off Nature's Path organic granola bars. I requested these in September. They only gave away 10,000 on Facebook which took about two hours before they had ran out.
4. Free Dickinson's Witch Hazel product coupon. This offer may still be valid but the site does not mention a free gift now. Just register here for the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel and Women's Sports Foundation Tone Up Challenge.
5. $1 off Kandoo. I thought I was signing up for a free product coupon when I did this back in September but they must of ran out before they could honor me with a coupon. They gave 10,000 free product coupons away. I was disappointed to see I didn't get the free product coupon but at least they were kind enough to send a money saving offer instead of nothing. I got an email on November 6th stating they are sorry for their error and will be sending another coupon worth $1.50 (received November 12th). You can still request this money saving coupon using this link.
6. Ultra Gain dishwashing liquid original scent (11 Fl. Oz.). Gain's Facebook page had a huge free product give away this August. Every Tuesday and Thursday (primary at 9 AM PT) they would give 5,000 free products. I was lucky enough to win six of these nice products! I won three dishwashing liquid (two original scent and one Apple Mango Tango), 2.8 oz. bottle of Febreze® To Go Fabric Refresher with Gain® Original Scent!, 9.7 oz. bottles of Febreze® Air Effects with Gain® Original Scent, and a Gain scented Febreze candle. This offer has expired and went very quickly (with in minutes) when it was active.
7. Sick Of Spending T-Shirt and November Is Coming - Americans For Prosperity Citizen Action Handbook. These two items came separately. I requested these in August. My husband likes free t-shirts so he was happy with it. You can still sign up for the handbook. It is a downloaded version. The t-shirt is white with a black picture of America falling into water. The handbook is 15 pages and came with a letter and survey and donation information.
8. Free Ghirardelli Intense Dark Bar Bag product coupon. I won this coupon in their Dark to Light instant win game sweepstakes Ghirardelli had in September. I didn't post this as the instant win game only had a couple days left on it when I won.
9. Diesel Only The Brave Eau De Toilette Pour Homme Vaporisateur Natural Spray (0.05 Fl. Oz.). I requested this in August and had even posted about it. You had to be a Facebook member to request this. I removed my as I thought you had to print out the coupon they gave you and take it to a participating store to claim this sample. Well, I guess I was wrong. This is a nice sample size that can be used many times. This is a men's sample and the offer has expired.
10. Four Ovulation Test Strips and one Pregnancy Test. I got half my order and I asked my mom to request this too and she also got half her order. I requested these back in May or April but it is listed on my post about me listing my May Samples I still had not gotten. I would of made this offer a real post but I have seen many people say it's not real or that they didn't get theirs. Well, my mom and I did but it takes a while to get. These also come with a letter and brochure about reproductive support.

The following samples came to my house while on vacation that I didn't specifically request.

1. Money saving coupons on Glaxo Smith Kline. $10 off 3 GSK GI Products, $3 off FiberChoice, $1 off Tagament, $1 off beano, $1 off Citrucel, $1 off Phazyme, $1 off Gaviscon. These probably came because I requested some other sample from them in the past.
2. Note pad and Grocery list (20 lined pages each pad is blue with pink jellyfish, list is yellow with colorful parrots), a Thinking of You small greeting card, 32 Address labels (beach theme), 8 labels (This belongs to:, Property of:, and To:From:), This also came with a letter (envelope) and information page detailing about the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These probably came because the need donations like most non-profit organizations send out.
3. Similac Advance Complete Nutrition Infant Formula (1.45 Lb., I didn't open the box confirm). This came after I came back from my vacation but I got a Similac StrongMoms Gold card (in my husband's name) before this. Today I got a $5 off Similac and some information cards. I really don't know why I got this stuff. My sister even asked me if I signed her up since she got the formula too. I do remember a few years back requesting this and did get it. I did this because we were trying at the time and I wanted to be prepared. Sadly I never got to use it and it was wasted. This time I plan to give it away to someone who does need it.

The pictures below are of all the free selections I received while I was on vacation and this last week (almost a whole months worth). This includes all papers that come with each sample. Since this is a lot of stuff I am not going to list it all. I am going to update each post that all of these samples go to as it helps me remove it from my written list I have going on. Some of these free selections I didn't post mainly because the companies were giving a very limited amount or I didn't directly ask for but received anyway and since I got it free I decided to picture it here too.

Final update: I got back on my vacation on the 26th. I know I haven't posted since then but I've been busy catching up on my survey emails and trying to settle back down into my routine. I have seen most of my mail and can't wait to take a picture of it to show you what I got while I was gone. I hope to get that done this weekend. I haven't looked for any free selections nor have I signed up for anything. I plan to be back at posting free selections on Monday. I'd like to thank you for your patience as you wait for me to settle back into my routine. I hoped the other sites I recommended you to check out satisfied you while I was away and I hope you will return to following me since I am now back from my vacation.

Update: my vacation was nicely extended for another week! So I come home on October 26th. I hope you are still stopping by here every once in a while as I am doing my best to post some offers. I am not meeting my goal I had but I am trying. Also if you need more samples while I am gone remember you can visit my recommended sites. I hope you find them enjoyable as I do. However, I'd appreciate it if you still came to visit my site too. I have been calling home every day and my husband sometimes tells me what samples come that day. He's even sampled one of the food samples that came while I was gone. When I return I plan to take a picture of all the samples that came to my house while I was gone (except the few he may have used or eaten). As always, thanks for visiting my site. It's a pleasure to post my free selections I personally sign up for you to try as well. I hope you are enjoying your time at my site. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section. I'll do my best to answer or comment back on them.

Tomorrow I'm going on vacation. So that means my posting of free selections will be very slow. I'll do my best to post some but there may be days where I don't post at all. My goal is when I have time I'll post my three favorite selections. Unfortunately, my posts won't be as nice either. I'm sorry about this. However, if you want to check out some other freebie sites I understand. If you would like to check out some of the sites I recommend I've listed five on the right side of this site. One in particular I'd like to highly recommend is Free Sample Momma. That site is very nice. I have also spoken to the site owner and she is very nice. I actually consider her my new friend. So go check out her site if you'd like, I think you'll enjoy it.

By the way, my vacation ends on October 19th. I will be back then and back to posting as usual.

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