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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A-1 Steak Sauce Recipes - Call In

Today I received the recipes for A1. This time they sent five recipes. I called this number on October 4th.

November 27: I got my recipes today in the mail. The recipes are also just the like Grey Poupon ones. There are only three recipes and a letter. I was a little disappointed like I was with the Grey Poupon ones but they were free and they did send them to me so I'm glad about that. I originally posted this on November 4th.

Remember the Grey Poupon recipe booklet offer I posted back in September 2010? Well, this A-1 Steak Sauce recipe booklet is done exactly like that one. Just call 1-888-217-8325 then press 2 to get to where you have to tell them your mailing informaton. This is an automated call so if you don't like using the phone to call people (like me), you won't have to worry about talking to someone. After you call this number follow the instructions they give you to request your free recipe booklet.

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