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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reviews: Philips Wake-up Light

I am a member of SheSpeaks and was given the opportunity to try out the Philips Wake-up Light. I thought this sounds like a neat idea as it gently wakes you up by light.

Well, I received this product last month and gave it a try. What I loved about this product is that it is so simple to set up! They give you a quick start card with super easy to follow instructions on it to quickly set up your light. There are three sounds you can choose to wake you up with (morning birds, a beep sound which sounded like chimes to me, or the radio). The light will slowly get bright up to the level of brightness you set it to.

Actually trying out the light didn't go as I'd hoped unfortunately. Almost every time I used it I was awakened early by my cat because she would become active as soon as the light went on to get bright which instead of the light waking me up she would with her playful noises and meows. Other times I think I didn't have it set bright enough to wake me up probably because of where it was located which was all the way across the room. Since this light didn't go as planned, I'll be using it for another purpose which will be to add light to our living room. I'll be able to make it as dim or as bright as I'd like because of the nice dimming feature. This will be most helpful in the winter time when there isn't as much daylight time up here in Alaska.

If you'd like to learn more about the Philips Wake-up Light and how it helps you wake up naturally just visit the Philips Wake-up Light site.

Disclosure: I received a Philips Wake-up Light from SheSpeaks to help me write this review. The opinions here are my own. Your experience may be different from mine when you use it.

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