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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Surveys: Smiley360

Today I received my Caltrate Kit ((10) Caltrate Calcium & Vitamin D3 Gummy Bites, Pedometer, and $2 off coupon) in navy tissue paper.  I plan to have this review posted by the end of this month.     

Smiley360 isn't actually a survey company but more of what I would call a social promotional site. I have it listed under surveys since you do have to take a survey to see if you qualify for their missions.

Smiley360 is a social community for people who love brands. Be the first to try new products, experiences & offers for free, and share your thoughts online! The want to give you the chance to try a new product and then you tell your friends and family what you think of the brands you have tried.

I have been a member of Smiley360 for a few years now and have received about 15 missions since then.  For each product I have tried through Smiley360 I have written a review on my blog about.  I will be continuing to do this for future products I receive.

If you'd like to join and try to get in to missions to try out new products then just go here to sign up.

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