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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reviews: StyleUnited

StyleUnited is a place where style goes beyond what you wear.   It's about knowing what works for you from head to toe.  It's where beauty meets fashion.  StyleUnited brings together style tools, personalized content, expert advice and support from friends to give you a fresh perspective on your beauty and fashion style.

I signed up on StyleUnited's website and found it rather interesting.  Once you register, you can take these four fun quizzes to learn what your Style360 profile is.  The four quizzes are: Fashion, Makeup, Skin, and Hair.  I really enjoyed taking these quizzes.  I found that they were not boring questions but fun.  They have fun graphics and were easy to answer questions that were about you.  Once you complete a section it would show you your results of what would best fit you for how you answered.

My favorite profile to fill out was fashion.   I'm not really into fashion but really enjoyed filling out that profile.  When I got to see the results of what fashions they think I would like they were fairly accurate.  I am a cool casual and most of the fashions they showed me I thought were cute and I could see myself wearing them.  I was actually impressed by that.

Most of the beauty products they feature are from Procter & Gamble.  Brands like CoverGirl, Olay,  Pantene, Clairol, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence, Venus,  and Secret.

So if you love beauty and fashion go check out StyleUnited and find out what your Style360 is.

Disclaimer: SheSpeaks invited me to join StyleUnited.  I have agreed to take a survey about my thoughts on the StyleUnited website.  I'll be compensated with a product from P&G or a $15 gift code for use on (restrictions apply).  For writing this review I am also being entered into a giveaway to win a free Olay product.  All of the opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with StyleUnited's website may be different than mine.  The compensation gift I received for taking the survey was a Secret Scent Expressions deodorant and body splash in Coco Butter Kiss.  These are both full size products.  I received it on July 6th.  By the way, I also won the free Olay product (Olay Regenerist Skin Care Starter Trio (Regenerating Cream Cleanser, Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream, and Eye Lifting Serum (all full size)) w/$15 in coupons) for writing this review.  It arrived on July 17th.  

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