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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reviews: Private Selection - Taste of Summer

I'm a BzzAgent and got to participate in the Private Selection BzzCampaign.  In this BzzKit was (also pictured below):
- The Private Selection Taste of Summer BzzGuide, letter, and recipe card.
- A bag of Private Selection Sea Salt & Black Pepper Kettle Chips (8 oz).
- Free product coupon for a Private Selection Six-Inch pie.
- A coupon to save on Private Selection 100% Angus Beef (up to $5).
- A coupon to save on Private Selection Ice Cream Pint ($1.50 off).
- (5) 20% off coupons for Private Selection Ice Cream Pint, Snack Chips or 6" Pie.

Below is the review of each of the Private Selection products I got to try in the order that we enjoyed them.

Private Selection Ice Cream Pint
     My husband and I love ice cream so soon after I bought the Private Selection Ice Cream we tried it.  There were many flavors to choose from.  Some were unique flavors like Sweet Honey Baklava and Cinnamon Chocolate.  However, before I went to the store a Facebook fan of mine said she bought the Southern Butter Pecan and it was awesome.  I have to say that she was right!  It was awesome.  We both loved it.  Private Selection Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream is made of toasted pecan halves that are folded into a rich, buttery ice cream.  I thought the flavor of the ice cream was very good.  It was nice and creamy.  I liked how the pecans were actual halves of pecans and not just pieces.  For being a store brand ice cream this one was delicious and you would not of known that it was a store brand unless you knew before you tried it.  This is definitely an ice cream I would buy again except I would buy the bigger size as the pint just was not enough for both of us!

Private Selection 6" Pie
    As with the ice cream the pie didn't last long either at our house.  The picture to the left is what it looks like before we devoured it.  I like the cute stamped design in the center of it.  The Private Selection 6" pie is found in the bakery section of the store which I didn't expect as I thought it was going to be a frozen pie.  I was able to chose from the apple or cherry pie and selected the Montmorency Cherry Pie.   I enjoyed the crust of this pie which is good because I tend to not care for pie crusts.  This one is just the right amount of flakiness and also had a good texture.  The cherry filling was sweet and juicy.  I normally don't go for a cherry pie since they all seem to have that usual cherry filling.  Well this one didn't seem to as much.  It tasted better to me.  By the way, we ate this pie straight out of the refrigerator and didn't even heat it up.  Now just imagine how even more good it would of tasted heated up a little.  However, if you do heat it up you'll need to remove the pie plate it is in as it is a tin pie plate.

Private Selection 100% Angus Beef
    When I went to buy the meat I thought it was going to be ground beef that is prepackaged just like the picture on the coupon was.  However, it is not.  The Private Selection 100% Angus Beef is located in the meat department and I had to ask the worker behind the counter what I wanted.  The beef that I bought was pre-shaped into half pound hamburger patties.  So I ended up purchasing two of them.  I decided not to make hamburgers and just use it to make Manwich sandwiches.  Since the Private Selection 100% Angus Beef was 90% lean there wasn't much fat to drain from the pan which I loved.  The Manwich sandwiches tasted really good.  My husband enjoyed them very much.  The beef helped make the Manwich taste good since it had less fat than what I normally buy.  I'm sure the Private Selection 100% Angus Beef would of made great hamburgers too, especially since they were already shaped into hamburger patties.

Private Selection Chips
     It's a good thing that BzzAgent sent me a bag of Private Selection Sea Salt & Black Pepper Kettle Chips as I couldn't find them when I went to look for them.  These chips were very crunchy and had a good taste to them.  I thought these chips were going to be spicy since on the package it states "thick ripple-cut kettle chips cooked in small batches and seasoned with natural sea salt and spicy black pepper".  However, they were not.  In fact, the pepper gave them a nice flavor.  I also thought the black pepper made the chips look more appetizing.  Besides the Kettle chips they also have three other varieties: Tortilla, Rice & Bean and Pita.

The Private Selection brand is sold exclusively at Kroger and their family of stores (like Fred Meyer).

Disclaimer:  I am a BzzAgent and was given what was stated in the BzzKit above.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  My experience with the products may be different than yours.

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