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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code is a youth regenerating skincare. It boosts the skin's natural regeneration powers with a breakthrough GenActiv Technology that helps stimulate recovery. Skin looks rested, smoother and youthfully radiant. The signs of stress, fatigue and aging are visibly diminshed. This unique, luxurious formula leaves a light velvety smooth finish. You apply it in the morning to illuminate your skin tone and then apply it at night for overnight recovery.

June 12th was the first time I tried L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream.  Here is a before and after picture of me.

<----Before After---->
First day using it.

With one drop of L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream you are suppose to instantly see an improvement in skin quality. I couldn't really tell if I could.  For some reason the before picture looks nicer to me.

In one week time I should be seeing my skin looking visibly younger.

So June 25th was my second week of using  L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream.  I tried to be faithful and use it every morning and night.  This was hard for me to do as I never have been good at keeping a daily grooming routine but with all the samples I keep receiving I am getting much better at it.     So because of this I did have a few mornings and especially nights that I didn't use the product.

 Two Weeks Use
After I started to post my second week I realized I should of gaven an update at one week after starting to use L'Oreal Paris Youth Code.  However, I figured it was ok since I was going to share two weeks later for the final report.  At one week the skin is suppose to look visibly younger.  Well, the above picture is the two week use photo.  I didn't pull my hair back and I took this picture with the lights on and no flash.  The first pictures were taken with no light on and with the flash.  So that's why you can see a shadow on my right side of my face.  I find it kind of hard to tell if my skin looks visibly younger but what I do know if that my face is breaking out more.  This could be due to the new facial cleanser I'm using too.  I also now have a sty on my other eye.  I'm not smiling as nicely either.

Day one.                                     Week four.                                  Week four.

At four weeks of using L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream your skin is suppose to act dramatically younger*. Well today (July 10) marks the four weeks of using L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day / Night Cream. Again, I'm not sure if I see dramatically younger skin but I do like the picture on the right. The picture in the middle is a close up of my face at four weeks of use.  I have included the picture from day one to see if there is a difference in how may face looks.  I'm not sure if I see a difference in my face.  The only difference I really noticed is that my face seemed to break out more when I used this product.  By the way, the card that Smiley360 gave me said that 95% of women saw results*.  Maybe it's because I didn't use it faithfully every day and night.  I did my best to do that but there were days it just didn't happen.  Overall though I feel like my skin care routine is getting better though compared to what it used to be in the past.

Even though it may not of worked that great on me I still think L'Oreal Youth Code Day / Night Cream is a decent cream.  The 0.5 oz jar that I was given lasted me the entire four weeks.  It has a nice smooth creamy texture that felt good when I applied it onto my face.  I also liked the fragrance that is comes in.

To learn more about the L'Oreal Paris Youth Code skin care line you can check out the L'Oreal Paris Youth Code website.  You can also "like" L'Oreal Paris USA on Facebook and follow L'Oreal Paris USA on Twitter.

*Skin is firmer, cell renewal increases.  One more more of these benefits: feels restored, rested, smoothness.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Smiley360 and I received a deluxe size (0.5 oz) sample of L'Oreal Youth Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream to help write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine and not influenced in any way.  My experience with the product may be different than yours.  Yes, these are actual pictures of my face taken at time I have stated.  No make up is on my face, just freshly cleansed skin and the product itself.

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