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Monday, July 2, 2012

Your Two Sense Worth

Here is the book's description from Amazon:
"If, as many have said, "Thoughts become things" and indeed we have the power to control our thoughts, doesn't it make sense to have thoughts that empower us vs. those that cause weakness? In this book, you will receive 365 original messages (one to ponder each day) from Daniel Clifford Padgug designed to help enable you to gear your thoughts in a way that will assist you in fulfilling your emotional, spiritual and financial goals. Get ready to begin a journey that will change the quality of your life forever!"
Here are examples of what you will read:

The greatest gift that can be known, is from someone who isn't.
Love will be yours, if yours will be love.
The more you get along with yourself, the easier you'll find it to get along with others.
Anyone who says they have all the answers, needs to be questioned.

There are two versions to Your Two Sense Worth.  The first is daily emails that you'll receive with an original message from Daniel Clifford Padgug in your email box. You can choose to donate whatever you feel is appropriate based on how much they help you help yourself improve the quality of your life. If you want a sampling of five to help determine that, just put that in your email. The second way is to purchase the ebook (Kindle, Nook, or iBook) for just $7.99.  

To learn more and to purchase Your Two Sense Worth just visit the Your Two Sense Worth website.  You can also "like" Your Two Sense Worth on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for writing this post.  Any opinions I have made in this post are my own and not influenced in any way.

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