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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reviews: Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh

Last summer I wrote a review for Dry Idea Advanced Dry but it was for their Powder Fresh scent.  This one I got to try was for Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh.  This new Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh brand antiperspirant and deodorant offers enduring odor protection for up to 72 hours* and Pulse Activated Wetness Protection to keep you dry all day long.  It is also formulated with Vitamin E for silky smooth application.  Dry Idea Advanced Dry is available in a Roll-on, Clear Gel, and an Aerosol.

I received the Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh a little while back and have been using it.  I like it.  In fact I actually like it more than I liked the product I tried for them last year.  I found the fresh scent to be more pleasant even though it wasn't as strong of a fragrance as I usually like for a scent that I actually like.  The main issue with the other product I didn't like is when I applied it on.  I didn't like the sides of the packaging rubbing on my skin.  This Dry Idea Advanced Dry Fresh though is in a taller package and the roller ball is bigger.  It didn't rub against my skin which made applying the roll-on more enjoyable.  Oh, something I didn't mention about the other product that this one is slowly starting to do is that any residue left after using the product seems to dry up and when you open to use the deodorant again it sometimes flakes off onto the ground.  As for how well it worked, I think it does a good job protecting me.  I really like that it protects for 72 hours.  I don't understand how the Pulse Activated Wetness Protection works but since the product works fine when I use it I guess this Pulse Activation work.  Even though how the product works is important, I also think packaging is important too and so I'm really glad that they improved the packaging where you apply it to your skin.

To learn more about Dry Idea Advanced Dry you can go to the Dry Idea website and "like" Dry Idea on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Purex Insiders and was given a 3.25 fl oz bottle of Dry Idea Advanced Dry roll-on in Fresh and five free product coupons to help me with this review and giveaway.  All of the opinions in this post are my own and not influenced in any way.  My experience may be different than yours when using the product.  

*Protects 72 hours from odor, 48 hours from wetness


  1. i normally use secret (different scents depends what mood i am in when shopping)

  2. I use Secret Expressions.

  3. I use Mitchum Clinical Strength

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