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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reviews: Woolite Everyday

Did you know that Woolite makes an Everyday formula? It's true, while you may know Woolite as the detergent for your dedicates they also make an Everyday formula too!  Woolite Everyday is a formula that cleans and cares for all fabrics, while keeping colors bright.  It won't cause shrinking or stretching.  It also has a clean fresh scent.

It is perfect for:
- Your favorite jeans
- A vintage t-shirt
- A wool sweater
- Other articles of clothing that you love

Last summer I wrote a review for Woolite Extra Dark Care and still continue to love using the Woolite Extra Dark Care.  Now I get to try Woolite Everyday and I really like this formula too!  I do love it's fresh clean scent.  Even though it does not smell the same as the Extra Dark Care formula I still enjoy it.  I did a few loads with Woolite Everyday and it did keep my red clothes a nice bright red even though they are rather old and have been washed many times. I like how Woolite Everyday doesn't contain harsh ingredients, so my clothes will keep their shape and not stretch or shrink when I wash them.  This is great for cloths that fit just right and you don't want them to lose their shape.

If you'd like to learn more about Woolite Everyday you can go to the Woolite website"like" Woolite on Facebook, follow Woolite on Twitter, and get inspired on Pinterest. You can even sign up for a money saving coupon on the Woolite website.

Disclaimer: I am a member of Crowdtap and was given the samples in the picture above to help me write this review. All the opinions in this review are mine and not influenced in any way. Your experience with the product may be different than mine.

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