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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reviews: Crum Creek - Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots and Somersaults - Cinnamon & a 20% Discount Code Off Entire Crum Creek Order

Crum Creek makes two snacks that are fun to enjoy.  They are Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots and Somersaults - Cinnamon.

Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots
The product above on the left are the Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots. When I first opened this package I was actually expecting orange color dried up apricots you find with other brands.  However, not these, Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots are made of Unsulfured Dried Apricots and water (that's it!).  Since these apricots are not sulfured that is why they are dark in color.  As for how they taste, well I thought they were alright.  They were not as sweet as I would of expected but that's probably because sugar was not added to them.  I do love how moist and soft they were so they were easy to eat.

Somersaults - Cinnamon
The product above on the right are the Somersaults in Cinnamon Crunch.  I love the cute round shape of this snack.  These deliciously baked crunchy nuggets are nicely flavored with cinnamon.  They are also made with sunflower seeds and toasted grains.  I did like how crunchy this snack was and I thought the cinnamon was mild but good.  Now I don't eat a lot of seeds so I can't say if I tasted the sunflower seeds but there was definitely a flavor of seeds and grains that I could taste.  I found this snack to be a fun treat to enjoy.

If you'd like to learn more about Crum Creek's products you can visit Crum Creek's website"like" Crum Creek on Facebookfollow Crum Creek on Twitter.

If you are interested in trying any of Crum Creek's products you can use the special code SFB-NPMY-20 to save 20% off your entire order.  This code is good until May 31, 2014.

Disclaimer: I am a Crum Creek Ambassador and was given Fruit Bliss Organic Mini Apricots (1.76 oz) and Somersaults - Cinnamon (0.5 oz) to help me write this review.  The opinions in this post are mine own and not influenced in any way.  Your experience with these products may be different than mine.

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